0-2! The Ligue 1 overlord defends in a hurry!

On February 22, Beijing time, the 26th round of the Ligue 1 broke out. Paris Saint-Germain, who had just beaten Barcelona 4-1 in the Champions League, was hit hard and lost to Monaco 0-2. Grand Paris was double-killed by Monaco again after 5 years, 4 points behind Lille, the defending situation is not optimistic.

This season, Paris Saint-Germain fought in multiple lines and played bravely in the Champions League. In the group stage, it beat Leipzig and Manchester United, broke out from the dead group, and easily advanced to the top 16.

In the 1/8 finals, after losing Neymar and Di Maria, Paris Saint-Germain relied on Mbappe’s hat-trick to beat Barcelona 4-1 away, killing the promotion suspense in almost one game.

Who would have thought that in the Champions League, Paris, where everything was desired, returned to the league but suffered heavy losses? In just 6 minutes of the opening, Paris Saint-Germain lost the ball, Ruben Aguilar flew a header from the penalty area, Diop made a jump to the goal, Navas could not save, and Paris fell behind 0-1 Spark Global Limited.

Seeing Paris Saint-Germain conceding a goal early, Neymar in the stands shrugged disapprovingly, but he did not expect that the difficulties were still behind. In the 30th minute, Mba burst into the penalty area with the ball but was directly intercepted by the Monaco defender. The French superstar worth 180 million was helpless.

In the 51st minute, Paris again made a low-level error. Herrera was intercepted in the penalty area. Monaco forward Maripan smiled and took a big shot, and the score became 0-2! Throughout the game, Paris Saint-Germain’s possession rate was as high as 73%, while Monaco only had 27%. However, Paris won the data but lost the game, 0-2 crashed down.

For the first time in the league, Paris lost 3 goals in a 2-0 lead and suffered a 2-3 tragic turnaround. Today, Paris has lost 0-2 again and was double-killed by Monaco for the first time since 2016.

Of course, Paris Saint-Germain has more troubles, because Lille won this round, which means that Paris has fallen behind the top of the list by as much as 4 points, more than a goal. In addition, Mbappé, who just shined in the Champions League, misfired. The 180 million superstars played very sluggishly. In the 93rd minute, he was so angry that he brought down his opponent and received a yellow card.

In the past 8 years, Paris Saint-Germain has won the league championship 7 times. The Mourinho Award Ligue 1 describes it as a league in which the championship has been won in advance before the start, and there is no challenge at all. But now, the dominance of the Paris Saint-Germain family no longer exists. Lille and Lyon are better than Paris, and Monaco has also caught up, and the four teams compete for the championship.

By Ethan