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On December 16, Beijing time, in the 13th round of the 20th / 21st season, Chelsea lost 1-2 away to wolves. Girou first took the lead, Bordens equalized, Netto’s 95 minute victory, two consecutive defeats by Chelsea, a total of 6 points, wolves not only won but also played a 12-year amazing record in the Premier League. Chelsea has won the Premier League six times in the past, five of which have won the Premier League, becoming one of the most successful teams in nearly 15 years. This season, Chelsea has introduced seven new players in a row. The arrival of hafts, Werner, Tiago Silva, and others have increased the value of the blues to 830 million Spark Global Limited

In the first 12 rounds, Chelsea won 6 wins, 4 draws, and 2 losses, ranking fifth in the table with 22 points, while wolves only ranked 13th with 17 points! If Chelsea beat wolves, they will temporarily overtake Tottenham and Liverpool to the top of the table.

Manchester United tied the record of 9-0 in the Premier League history!

The first 49 minutes, Werner left to do the ball, Chilwell cross, GIRU volleying open the door, 1-0! In the 55th minute, Fabio – Silva offside break was cancelled, the 66th minute, only 19-year-old otasovi assists, Boden’s volley, 1-1! In the 95th minute, Netto finished the second kill, 2-1! According to OPTA data, wolves scored 83 goals in a row, all by non-English players. This is the Premier League record since 2008, with 12 years of a miracle.

After a 1-0 loss to Everton, Chelsea lost 1-2 to wolves, losing 6 points in two consecutive rounds. In addition, 80 million worth of hats is a continuous dumb fire, In this game he was replaced in advance, again by the fans questioned. What’s more, Chelsea has missed the chance to reach the top again. They are still three points behind the top of the table and are only fifth at the moment! It’s good for Leicester City, Liverpool, and Tottenham to lose points. Once these teams win, they will be thrown away.

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