Nowadays, the interests between NBA players and teams are complicated. It is not easy for players to play for a team until they retire. It includes personal interests, salary, championship and honor, and whether the team is traded. Therefore, we can see that a lot of Wei Shao Hui, who is so important to Russia City, has left, and Wade is not always in the heat effect. Now in the NBA, the only players who have played for the same team for more than 10 years are curry, wall and Haslem. In an interview with Kuri when he was on the program recently, he personally promised that he would die a warrior. When the warrior retired: “1000%, 1000%, I said, things are changeable, but (to be a warrior for life) is definitely what I want. This is my 12th season, what we’ve done here, the warrior culture we’ve built, playing for our fans, our ownership here and all that makes me want to be a warrior for life. Most of all, I am willing and love being in a warrior. ”


Curry’s loyalty is really moving. He entered the NBA through the draft in 2009, and has been playing for Golden State Warriors since then. However, at that time, few people believed that the skinny player would become a symbol of the NBA. Even the warriors at that time were not strong teams in the NBA. In the west, where there are many powerful powers, the warriors are very strong Weak. What we didn’t expect was that after that, curry and the warriors perfected each other. Curie created the era of NBA small ball, and the warriors created a dynasty by introducing igordala, Durant and others. Curry is a warrior who has won two NBA regular season MVP (2014-15 season; 2015-16 season), six NBA best lineup (three bursts, two second lineups, one triple play), and three NBA championships (2014-15 season, 2016-17 season, 2017-18 season) Six NBA all star starting lineups, one NBA regular season scoring king and stealing King (2015-16 season) have reached the peak of their career and are not yet finished.

In this case, curry and the warriors are almost integrated, so he will 1000% sure that the warriors retired, staged the story of one man, one city, and also hope that Curie’s wish can be realized, which is what all warriors fans hope to see.

By Ethan

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