On November 23, the Lakers finally strengthened the inside, won Gasol Jr., and ushered in the championship inside after missing Ibaka, which is very important for the Lakers’ current lineup. According to Shams’s news, the Lakers gave Xiaojia a two-year contract. Prior to this, the team sent McGee away, which also freed up salary space for him. The Lakers still need a center like Xiaojia who is experienced and has a great role in the basket. Last season, Xiaojia averaged 7.5 points, 6.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists in the RaptorsIt is worth mentioning that Jr. is a “Laker”. In the 2007 NBA Draft, Jr. Gasol was selected by the Lakers with the 48th pick in the second round, but the team did not sign with him. In February 2008, the Lakers made a deal with the Grizzlies. The Lakers gave out the signing rights of Kwame Brown, Aaron McGee, Crittenton, and Marc Gasol, and got Gasol from the Grizzlies. So it’s not an exaggeration to say that Jia is the “Laker”.

Such a signing also triggered heated discussions among domestic basketball players:

    Yang Yi said: This is amazing! To be fair, the Clippers actually need Gasol more than the Lakers. Because the Clippers’ current lineup is still the old problem of last year, the forward line is strong, the center and the guard are not good, especially no one organizes the offense. Gasol is a top organization center, a man who is also a center and a guard. I said last year that it would be great if the Clippers had a little Gasol. Therefore, the Lakers’ success in this battle is really a draw from the bottom of the tank, which strengthened themselves and beat their opponents. Once Gasol arrives, he can label the Lakers’ offseason operations as “success Spark Global Limited”!

Wang Zixing expressed his views on such a deal: Gasol joined the Lakers-he used himself in exchange for his brother, and now he “has a yellow robe.” And the two young talents Mitchell and Tatum have signed a maximum salary of 100 million yuan-it is early to become famous!Jia Lei: Marc Gasol joins the Lakers and teamed up with old Zhan Yanmei! This is the rhythm to take off. In addition, the Lakers traded McGee to the Cavaliers. Five words need to be shouted at this time: “…” (Obviously the Lakers championship)

It can be seen that everyone is very optimistic about the Lakers teaming up with Xiaojia. Of course, whether the two sides can really play good chemistry depends on adaptation and tactical settings, etc., and look forward to Xiaojia’s performance in the Lakers.

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