On November 20th, Beijing time, ESPN’s famous record revealed that the Thunder and the Warriors are close to a deal, and the Warriors want Kelly Ubre to strengthen the wing. The news came out that the Warriors fans were very excited. After all, Klay Thompson needs someone to reinforce the second position with a torn Achilles tendon. Oublay 2.01 meters is a good swingman.

Oublay was sent to the Thunder in trade between the Thunder and the Suns on November 17. He averaged 18.7 points, 6.4 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.3 steals and 0.7 blocks per game in the Suns last season. He joined the Warriors next season. The state can indeed hit the championship.

According to Woshen’s follow-up report, the Warriors will use Iguodala’s 17.2 million transaction exception to absorb his 14.4 million contract after acquiring Ubre, so that the luxury tax of the Warriors, an overtax team, will continue to rise.

ESPN salary structure expert Bobby Max said that the Warriors currently have a luxury tax of 66 million. After absorbing Ubre’s 14.4 million contract, the luxury tax will be added to 68 million. The total luxury tax will reach 134 million next season, but this 134 million may not Not the end, because the Warriors can also apply for an injury exception worth 9.3 million.

Earlier Woshen reported that Klay Thompson’s right Achilles tendon was reimbursed for the season. Klay Thompson’s salary next season is about 36 million. He can apply for a full middle-class injury exception worth 9.3 million. Injury exceptions can be used for signing, trading, and claiming. In other words, this 9.3 million injury exception can help the Warriors continue to strengthen, but it will continue to increase the Warriors’ luxury tax.

The Warriors’ total salary next season has reached 148 million U.S. dollars. If Oubre really traded the Warriors’ luxury tax of 134 million, that would be a total expenditure of 282 million. In order to help the team win the championship, Miles used a full middle-class injury exception of 930. If you sign one more person, the luxury tax will exceed $200 million, and the Warriors’ lineup spending will reach about 350 million next season. If there are no champions, will the Warriors lose so much that they cry?

There are already many good players on the free market. The Knicks refused to implement Portis’ team option and cut Gibson, the Bucks cut Ilyasova, and Lakers guard Pope, Bradley, and Rondo are all Out of contract + Howard is a completely free agent. The Suns refuse to implement Kaminsky’s team option, and the Hornets refuse to implement Bacon’s team option. Will the Warriors continue to strengthen? To continue to strengthen is to continue to increase the luxury tax.

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