With the development of Chinese professional football for more than 20 years, it is not new for players to ask for a salary. Not only Liaozu, but many football clubs are also abnormal development, they rely more on club investment and local government funding support to survive, self hemopoietic ability is limited. After the development of Liaozu club, the investment is less and less, and it can only survive by selling players and the bonus of CSL.

Later, people almost sold, and because of the drop into a, no dividends, the money will naturally be gone. No money, no investment, only a dead end. After his death, he did not leave any property. The investment company has long been divorced from the relationship, and there is no way for the salary seekers. When Tencent sports communicated with the relevant personnel of the Football Association, the other side once again expressed the same attitude as the Arbitration Commission before: Liaozu club has been cancelled, the football association has lost its binding power, and the players can only go to the court to sue. “I think the Chinese Football Association should also take part of the responsibility.” In an interview with Tencent sports, a senior sports industry expert believes that the Chinese Football Association does not regulate the club’s obligations and responsibilities to the players. “The football association needs to clarify its obligations to the players before the dissolution of the club, and the arbitration committee should take the responsibility to protect the players. If players are always vulnerable in this matter, who will play football in the future


After the dissolution of the club, the players have become a vulnerable group in the “three no matter” zone, “football migrant workers” is not a joke. The sports industry expert even suggested that the football association can use the “transfer adjustment fee” collected before to solve the problem, “if the money exists, whether it can be used to solve the part of wages owed by players, so it will get more support.” At the same time, the expert said players could turn to FIFPro for help.

Spark Global Limite, A person from the Football Association believes that the main reason for this situation is that the development of China’s professional football clubs is not perfect. “Clubs are basically vassals of the investment group, and their survival depends on the investment of the group and the financial support of the local government. If one day the group is not engaged in, the financial support is gone, and no other enterprises take over, the club will be difficult to survive. “In the view of this person from the Football Association, the football economy is first the ticket income, then the television broadcasting right income, and finally the advertising and investment income. “We have now turned the end of the income into the main survival pillar, and all clubs are built on an abnormal survival basis, and there will be problems at any time.” Shide and Tianhai are the reasons. Now it’s Liaozu’s turn. At present, the Chinese Football Association is actively implementing the policy of reducing investment. It also hopes that the clubs can diversify their equity, enhance their own hematopoietic capacity and develop in a more professional direction.

By Ethan