The Suns without Paul beat the Clippers

Finally, in his 16th season, Paul reached the finals! He made 41 points, 8 assists and 0 mistakes on the night of promotion! He’s an absolute MVP.

Paul, who is known as emperor control, has always been very embarrassed. No matter in the clippers or rockets, he can’t reach his dream place. He has been in the playoffs for 13 times. His playoff score has reached 2494 points. He has been selected into the all star team for 11 times and the best team for 10 times. These three data rank first among the players who have not played in the NBA Finals in the history.

He signed a four-year top salary contract of 160 million yuan with the Rockets in 2018, but soon he was “abandoned” by the Rockets, his big contract became a burden, he was sent to the thunder in reconstruction, and since then, he has become an incredible existence.

He led the thunder, who was regarded as the bottom of the table, into the playoffs and lost seven games against his old club, the Rockets. He was sent to the suns in the off-season last year. This is only his first season in the suns. He helped the team to end the 11 year playoffs and lead the team to the finals. You know, the Suns had only two finals before.

In the clippers, he suffered a 3-1 lead reversal; In the Rockets, he infinitely close to the finals, but because of injury missed the most critical two games, the Rockets lost to the warriors in the Western Conference; When he came to the Suns, he suffered shoulder injury in the first round of the playoffs. When the Western Conference was about to start, he was tested positive for the new championship. It seems that fate has never let him go.

But his cruel fate didn’t make him kneel down to beg for mercy. Facing cold eyes and ridicule, he knocked down all doubts and came to the highest stage of NBA. Now, he’s going to fight for the championship.

By Ethan