17 bucks, 13 hits! Block 6! The 23-year-old new star of women's volleyball team breaks out again, Lang Ping makes her metamorphosis-Spark Global Limited

Spark Global Limited On December 14, Beijing time, the semi-finals of the China Women’s Volleyball Super League came to an end. Tianjin Women’s volleyball team swept Guangdong Evergrande 3-0 and reached the final for the 16th time. In this competition, the scoring king is not Zhu Ting or Li Yingying, but the auxiliary attack Wang Yuanyuan. She made 13 of 17 deductions and scored 6 points in the block. Under the guidance of Lang Ping and Wang Baoquan, Wang Yuanyuan has completely transformed.

This season, Tianjin Women’s volleyball team did not introduce foreign aid, Wang Baoquan after repeated attempts to determine Wang Yizhu as the first pick-up, the young general and Zhu Ting, Li Yingying formed an offensive Trident, Tianjin Women’s volleyball offensive strength has been fully released. In addition, auxiliary attack Wang Yuanyuan also played an important role. During the closed training period, Wang Yuanyuan focused on strengthening the training of No.2 position back attack, with obvious results, giving the impression that Wang Yuanyuan’s progress was too obvious.

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In the second round of the semi-final, Wang Yuanyuan was good at both attack and defense, with a success rate of 76% in 13 out of 17 attacks. She made Evergrande women’s volleyball team defenseless. What’s more, Wang Yuanyuan scored 6 points in blocking, which made Evergrande attackers helpless. In addition, Wang Yuanyuan also had two service points, and the whole court scored 21 points. It was really surprising that Wang Yuanyuan was really excellent. After the game, Wang Yuanyuan also said that her back attack had improved, but there was still room for improvement. Head coach Wang Baoquan also praised Wang Yuanyuan many times, believing that her strength was significantly enhanced. Why has Wang Yuanyuan made such great progress? First of all, it is related to national team training. After more than half a year’s closed training, Wang Yuanyuan tried to make up for the shortboard. It can be said that Lang Ping made her completely transformed. In addition, Yanni has helped her a lot. Wang Yuanyuan has repeatedly publicly expressed her gratitude to Yan Ni. She hopes to be an excellent auxiliary attack like Yan Ni.

Another point is that she does not have so much pressure on the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team. After all, Zhu ting and Li Yingying have undertaken most of the heavy responsibilities, and Wang Yuanyuan can give full play to her. These factors prompted Wang Yuanyuan to continue to break out. So far, 23-year-old Wang Yuanyuan has taken part in 18 matches and scored 190 points. Her attack success rate is as high as 57%, ranking first in the league. In addition, Wang Yuanyuan ranks at the top of the blocking score list and blocking efficiency list, which is the embodiment of comprehensive strength.

Not surprisingly, Yan Ni and Yuan Xinyue are still the main secondary attack of the national team, and the fight for the third auxiliary attack is very fierce. Wang Yuanyuan, Hu Mingyuan, and Yang Hanyu have been trained with emphasis. From the perspective of personal performance and team performance, Wang Yuanyuan has obvious advantages. Such performance makes her stand out in the competition slowly and has the opportunity to participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games as the third auxiliary attack. Of course, Wang Yuanyuan still has many shortcomings, such as better control of the attack rhythm, and the tacit understanding with the setter should continue to improve. As long as she continues to work hard, she will improve in all aspects and grow into an assistant attacker with outstanding comprehensive strength. Just like Yan Ni, she will become the absolute core of the club and the national team at that time. She is looking forward to Wang Yuanyuan’s continuous breakthrough!

By Ethan