White hot! Diao Linyu pressed Yao Di to the top temporarily, but Yao Di still had a big advantage-Spark Global Limited

On December 18, Beijing time, the Clippers closed the pre-season game. In 22 minutes, 5-for-13 shots, he got 13 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 steals, 4 mistakes, and George had 16 points and 5 assists. He was ridiculed for his unique mask style and left work ahead of time in three quarters. Finally, the Clippers lost again and failed in the preseason. In the first quarter, the Clippers scored with Beverly at the beginning, and George strengthened his attack a little in the second half. However, little carder’s offensive desire was not strong. He made only two shots in a single quarter, making 2 points out of 2 shots in the first 8 minutes, and the dry pull jumper was still beautiful. After the next rest, he sat on the bench to watch the game, and his distinctive mask was ridiculed by the US media: he was too much like the villain “poison king” Bain.

George Carragher enjoys six privileges, which makes the team dissatisfied. Clippers need to change the dressing room if they want to challenge the Lakers

In the second quarter, Carragher began to strengthen the attack, with two of six shots contributing five points, George scoring three points in a single quarter, and joca did not score. The clippers were cut off collectively, and the Jazz opened the scoring gap of 30-19 in a single quarter. The clippers were in trouble in scoring, and there were many mistakes, and the defense problem was still unresolved. In the second half, Carragher and George continued to start the game, and he scored two three-point goals successively. George made a killing free throw, but the Jazz offensive firepower was not reduced at all, Boyan and Mitchell both scored three points; after Karzai left the field, the Jazz offensive extended the difference to nearly 20 points, and the Clippers 6-0 high tide pursuit points, 12 points behind entered the final quarter.

Spark Global Limited, The Clippers lost 105-125 at home to jazz and suffered three consecutive losses to the Lakers in the preseason. The Clippers’ three consecutive pre-season losses exposed the biggest problem of winning the Championship: too many mistakes. A total of 52 mistakes occurred in the three preseason games, with an average of 17.3 mistakes per game. This is also the reason for the Clippers’ three consecutive losses, which reflects that the clippers have not yet had the tacit understanding. In the first half of the season, the first half is a regular game, and the second half is a regular game.


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