19 Champions League games ended unbeaten

     In the early morning of April 8th, Beijing time, in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, Bayern lost 2-3 to Paris, and 19 games of the Champions League ended unbeaten. In this campaign, Mbappé scored twice, Neymar scored 2 assists, and Mueller entered the top ten in the history of the Champions League shooter list.

Mbappe scored twice: In this campaign, Mbappe scored a goal in the 3rd minute and the 68th minute and scored twice. Mbappé scored 8 goals in the Champions League this season, tying the French player’s single-season Champions League scoring record. This is the seventh goal he scored in the Champions League knockouts in his Paris career, surpassing Ibrahimovic to become the first person in Paris. In addition, surpassing Messi to become the youngest player to score 20 games in the Champions League.

Mueller entered the top ten in the history of the Champions League: In this campaign, Mueller scored the 48th goal in the Champions League career, tied with Ibrahimovic and Shevchenko, and ranked among the top ten goalscorers in the history of the Champions League. Bayern’s first defeat in the Champions League in 756 days: Last season, Bayern won the Champions League with a record of 11 victories. This season, they are unbeaten in the first 8 games and ended unbeaten in 19 games. They lost the Champions League for the first time in 756 days.

In the second minute, Muller made the ball and Lucas broke through a double-angle volley and was pounced. Bayern corner kick opportunity, Shubo-Morting looked back at the moon, the header hit the crossbar. In the 3rd minute, Neymar hit a counterattack with a real pass, Mbappe shot through Neuer’s crotch, and Paris led 1-0 away Spark Global Limited.

In the 12th minute, Draxler scored with a volley but whistled that Mbappe was offside and the goal was invalid. In the 13th minute, the Bayern player raised his hand to signal Danilo’s handball in the penalty area, and the referee signaled that there was no problem. In the 19th minute, Gretzka header from close range, Navas made a clearance. In the 20th minute, Paval drew a close corner, and Navas threw sideways with both hands. In the 28th minute, after a Paris attack was disrupted, Neymar from the periphery directly hung his left foot and sent out an assist again. Marchinhos intervened in the crowd and scored a single goal. Paris led Bayern 2-0 away.

In the 37th minute, Paval made a cross from the right, Schupo Morting shook his head to attack the goal, Bayern recovered a goal, 1-2 still behind Paris. In the 52nd minute, Neymar seized the opportunity to push the shot and was blocked, and Mbappe’s supplementary shot was also cleared in front of the goal. One minute later, Alaba’s volley was saved by Navas, and Paval’s shot was blocked again. In the 59th minute, Mbappé hit the goal solo and was blocked by Neuer! In the 60th minute, Kimmich assisted with a free-kick and Mueller scored with a header to catch the score to a 2-2 tie.

By Ethan