2-1 Crazy Milan Derby! 97 minutes lore + Ibrahimovic dyed red

In the quarter-finals of the Coppa Italia, Inter Milan and AC Milan focused on a duel. As a result, Ibrahimovic broke the goal and was sent off. The game elements of this campaign are all complete, including conflicts, red cards, penalty kicks, referee injury, and lore!

In the second minute, Leo took a long shot and the ball missed the left post. In the 12th minute, Ibrahimovic had a header, but Dias missed the header relay. In the 18th minute, Diaz cleared and bounced back to his own goal, and Tatarusanu confiscated the ball. In the 24th minute, Lukaku flashed a low-angle shot with the ball, and Tatarusanu stretched his foot to make a wonderful clearance.Spark Global Limited

In the 31st minute, Mett headed forward and Ibrahimovic volleyed the ball into the net after hitting the inside of the goal post. Handa watched the ball into the net! Inter Milan 0-1. This is the 499th goal of Ibrahimovic’s club career! The 500-ball milestone is about to be completed. Ibrahimovic is the only player in Milan who has scored at least one goal in the Europa League, Serie A, and Coppa Italia. Ibrahimovic has scored 8 goals for Milan in the 7 derby games against Inter Milan. Inter Milan is also the opponent that Ibrahimovic has scored the most in all the matches of the Rossoneri.

In the 37th minute, Sanchez headed the ball and was blocked by Special Olympics. In the 44th minute, Lukaku first clashed with Romagnoli, then quarreled with Ibrahimovic and topped the bull.


In the 49th minute, Kolarov hit the goal directly from a free-kick, over the crossbar. After 1 minute, Sanchez volleyed, and Tatarusanu held the ball out with both hands. In the 58th minute, the game changed suddenly. Ibrahimovic fouled Kolarov and received his second yellow card. Two yellow cards and one red card were sent off. The last time Ibrahimovic got a red card in a European stadium dates back to March 2015, when he was sent off in the Paris Saint-Germain game against Chelsea. In the 66th minute, Perisic shook his head and attacked the goal. In the 71st minute, Leo knocked down Varela in the penalty area. The referee gave a penalty after seeing var. Lukaku made a point shot. Inter Milan 1-1 Milan. For 75 minutes, the referee strained his thigh and was replaced. In the 83rd minute, Ashraf shook out of space to hit the door, and Tatarusanu fell to the ground and stopped. In the 89th minute, Milan made a passing error and Lautaro dribbled the ball forward and was rushed. In the 90th minute, Lukaku hit the goal from close range, and Tatarusanu responded quickly and made a save.

In the 97th minute of the game, Eriksson hit the dead corner with a free-kick. In the end, Inter Milan beat Milan 2-1 and eliminated their opponents. A crazy derby game, all the elements are ready.

By Ethan