On November 19, Beijing time, Shanghai SIPG played against Sydney FC in the first round of the 2020 AFC Champions League group match. In just 8 minutes of the first half, SIPG conceded 1 goal first, but Li Shenglong broke out in the second half. In the 63rd and 79th minutes, SIPG completed the reversal and scored a good start. After 3 days, SIPG will face Jeonbuk Hyundai! 2020 AFC Champions League

Competition focus

  • 128-year-old Li Shenglong scored the Sydney FC goal for two consecutive seasons
  • 2SIPG faced Sydney FC for the third time and finally won its first victory

Wonderful live

In just 4 minutes of the opening, Sydney FC directly counterattacked to penetrate the Hong Kong defense line, and Barbaroses pushed a little wide in front of the goal.

In the 8th minute, SIPG still lost the ball first. Sydney FC counter-attacked with a long pass from the backfield. Barbaroses crossed to the goal and Buhajar made a 1-0 shot.

In the 14th minute, Sydney FC got a corner kick, and Voland hit the goal post with a header in front of the goal. SIPG escaped.

In the 29th minute, SIPG finally completed the first shot. Li Shenglong responded to the cross and shook his head and missed the post. In the 31st minute, Lu Wenjun made it across from the middle, and Mu Yi followed up with a long shot with his right foot and the ball went above the crossbar.

Easy side fights again, Mai Tijiang comes off the bench. In the 49th minute, Ricardo Lopez made the ball and Maitijiang volleyed his left foot and was blocked by the defender. In the 55th minute, Sydney FC quickly delivered a free-kick, and Barbaroses’ header relay missed the post.

In the 63rd minute, SIPG foreign aid Mu Yi sent a high-quality cross and Li Shenglong scored with a header.

Subsequently, Li Shenglong had a chance. In the 66th minute, Mooyi made a pass from the bottom line, and Li Shenglong did not get a point from close range.

In the 79th minute, Yu Hai made a pass from the left, Lei Wenjie failed to reach the point, but Li Shenglong nodded and hit the post to score 2-1!

In stoppage time, the Sydney FC goalkeeper rushed out of the penalty area for handball and left with a red card. Sydney FC lost and lost again. In the end, SIPG 2-1 completely reversed.

Game data


Shanghai SIPG (4-3-3)

Goalkeeper: 34-Chen Wei

Defenders: 23-Fu Huan (46’21-Yu Hai), 28-He used, 13-Wei Zhen, 4-Wang Shenchao

Midfielder: 19-Mui (85′ Lin Chuangyi), 20-Yang Shiyuan, 11-Lv Wenjun (46’16-Matijiang)

Forwards: 10-Hulk (75′ 24-Lei Wenjie), 9-Ricardo Lopez (75’37-Chen Binbin), 14-Li Shenglong

Sydney FC (4-4-2)

Goalkeeper: 20-Bell

Defenders: 3-Wolland, 4-Wilkinson, 7-Zulo, 23-Ryan Grant

Midfielder: 8-Retrere, 10-Ninkovich, 28-Neuwenhof, 5-Baumjohan (67′ 18- Luke Ivanovic)

Forwards: 7-Barbaroses (84’33-Wood), 12-Buhajar (77’19-Zuvera)

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