2.6 million a year! When the 35 year old officially renewed his contract with the Lakers, Dudley said, "I'm back."

Free-agent Jared Dudley has signed a one-year 2.6 million contract with the Lakers, according to ESPN’s vonarowski report on December 1, Beijing time. The 35 year old has officially returned to the purple gold army. Dudley also made a funny voice on the social media for the first time: “I’m back (Jordan’s voice)”, accompanied by two smiling and crying expressions.

The former Real coach led his side past Barcelona with six wins in a row

In 1995, when Jordan made his first comeback, he simply used “I’m back” to announce the decision. After 25 years, the humorous Dudley also made fun of it. The veteran has repeatedly said in the off-season that he is willing to return to the Lakers and is looking forward to stepping on the road to defending the championship with his teammates. Now, the Lakers have finally signed with Dudley.

Salary expert Bob marks said the Lakers are still $2.9 million behind the hard cap after signing Dudley, which means they still have room to sign a base salary contract.

With Shau Mei, who hasn’t officially renewed his contract, the Lakers have 18 players in their training camp list. Among them, there are 13 guarantee contracts: James, Davis (expected to renew the contract with the top salary), Popper, Pau, Pau, Matthews, Schroeder, Harrell, Caruso, Kuzma, greater Morris, Talon Horton Tucker, McKinney and Dudley.

Two way contract players are alphabetic brother and kakok. The other three players, dinkel, Simpson and Harris, signed camp contracts.Dudley will be in his 14th season. In the 2019-20 season, Dudley played 45 games for the Lakers, averaging only 1.5 points and 1.2 rebounds per game, with a 3-point shooting rate of 42.9%. For the Lakers, his bigger contribution is in the dressing room. As a veteran, he can help young people adjust their state and grow better.

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