2 consecutive signings within 7 days

On February 16, Beijing time, the official of Beijing Guoan announced that the new aid Gao Tianyi had joined. In 1998, Gao Tianyi met the rules of U23. He became Guoan’s second domestic aid during the winter break. Before, Guoan has officially announced that Cao Yongjing will join, and the addition of two new-generation players will enhance Guoan’s midfield strength Spark Global Limited.

Guoan won third place in the Super League last season, and the AFC achieved a new breakthrough and entered the quarterfinals. However, coach Genesio still resigned after his contract expired. Guoan has confirmed that coach Bilic will coach, and Bilic has also ended the isolation and has arrived in Hainan to join the team and formally lead the training.

During the Spring Festival, Guoan successively announced new aid. On February 10, Guoan officially announced the joining of Cao Yongjing in 1997. Cao Yongjing debuted in the Beijing Youth and Youth Training. He played in the People and the National Olympic Team last season. He has been selected for the National Youth and Olympic Teams many times. He has a strong breakthrough ability and can enhance Guoan’s offensive strength from the wing. Multiple positions such as the front waist to optimize the staffing of the midfield.

On February 16, Guoan announced the new aid Gao Tianyi to join. Gao Tianyi, born in 1998, is a player produced by the Greentown Youth Training. He has a brief experience abroad and made his debut in the Super League in Jiangsu Suning in the 2017 season. On the court, Gao Tianyi’s main position is the midfielder, and he can also play a guest wing midfielder and other positions. He followed Jiangsu Suning to win the Super League championship last season. In the new season, Gao Tianyi will wear the No. 15 jerseys. As a U23 player, Gao Tianyi is expected to get more playing opportunities.

In the new season, Zhang Yuning, Guo Quanbo, and others will not conform to the U23 policy, and Gao Tianyi’s joining also gives Guoan a more ideal candidate for the selection of U23 players. Of course, if Gao Tianyi wants to get a stable chance to play, he still has to work harder. After all, Guoan still has Chi Zhongguo, Li Ke, Park Cheng, Zhang Xizhe, and many other options in the back midfielder, and the staff reserves are very rich. Judging from the overall signings, Guoan is also targeted. Under the leadership of the new coach in the new season, the goal is naturally to aim for the championship.

By Ethan