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The sun finally returned to the NBA Finals stage! They beat clippers 4-2 in the Western final, and for them, it was a historic moment.

This season is the first time the sun has entered the playoffs in 11 years. They last entered the playoffs or 2009-10, when their core was Steve Nash, who lost to the Lakers who won the title in the western finals.

The sun of Nash era, a very beautiful generation, attacked the powerful Jianghu in 7 seconds, but they could not take another step. In addition to 2010, they were still 1-4 in the 2005 Western final, and they were no longer against Spurs in the western finals 1-4, and the western finals in 2006 were no more than 2-4 against the lone Rangers.

The last time the sun entered the finals, it was still a matter of 1993. In that year, Buckley won MVP, the sun won 62-20, and they won the first place in the league. They successively lost the Lakers, spurs and supersonic in the playoffs, but they met the unbearable Jordan and finally lost 2-4.

The sun also entered the finals in 1976, when their core was Paul Westfall, but they lost to the Celtic, led by Dave Kearns.

Can the Suns win the first championship this year? We’ll see

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