women's Volleyball

On December 16, Beijing time, the first match of the women’s Volleyball League Championship and runner up final, Tianjin and Jiangsu staged a peak match. In this battle, Zhang Changning had 34 points and Jiangsu beat Tianjin 3-1 with the contribution of the secondary attack line. Zhu Ting scored 28 points, Li Yingying 29 points, unable to return to heaven! Tianjin suffered the second defeat of the season, both to Jiangsu. Jiangsu wins the championship!In the first game, Zhu Ting won “one blood”, and then in the last three hits, Xu ruoya and Li Yingying also contributed, and Tianjin took a 6-2 lead in the opening game. Zhang Changning led the team to start chasing points, the effect was good, but Zhu Ting was still brave, Tianjin was 11-7 ahead. Since then, Jiangsu Province began to break out, blocking was very effective. Zhang Changning and Wang Chenyue blocked the ball, Meng Zixuan and Yao Di gave the ball, Gong Xiangyu scored a big oblique line from position 2, and Jiangsu hit an 8-0 shock wave. After leading Jiangsu, Zhang Changning and Xu ruoya took control of the situation. Zhang Changning was omnipotent in the final stage, helping Jiangsu to get the points, Wang Yizhu sent points, and Jiangsu won the first game 25-18. Spark Global Limited

women's Volleyball

In the second set, Zhu Ting was still the most trustworthy point in Tianjin, but Jiangsu was as powerful as a rainbow. Gong Xiangyu scored a probe and Zhang Changning also hit three times. Diao Linyu scored twice, and Jiangsu was 8-4 ahead. After three consecutive scores, Zhu Ting chased madly. Li Yingying was in a general state, unable to surpass Wang Chenyue’s block. Zhu Ting hit the net with the net mouth ball, and Tianjin was 10-15 behind. Li Yingying found her state, and Wang Yuanyuan blocked her block finally. Zhu Ting stopped Gong Xiangyu and finally chased her to 23-23. Li Yingying hit the fourth position and took the lead in winning the game. At this time, the two sides began to miss the game point war, both failed to seize the opportunity, until the 28-28 draw, Zhang Changning came out again, three beaters went out, Wang Yuanyuan flew back to send points, Jiangsu won another game 30-28.

Wang Huiyuan won the first round of the fifth round with Li Huiyuan. Both sides blocked the nets very awesome. Zhu Ting and Wang Chenyue sealed off their opponents’ attack. Although Tianjin continued to lead, Jiangsu did not allow the difference to be drawn up. At the critical moment, Zhu Ting’s last three offensive scores helped Tianjin get a 17-13 advantage. Wang Yuanyuan scored a half high from position 3, and Tianjin saw the hope of recovering a set on 20-15. Li Yingying, who was in a brave state, took over the game at the last moment, played out of the game, and then cashed it out. On 25-23, Tianjin recovered one set.

In the fourth set, Zhu ting and Zhang Changning fought against each other again. Xu royal stopped Zhu ting. Jiangsu 8-3 started well. Zhang Changning is omnipotent. He scores continuously. The more he plays, the more excited he gets. Jiangsu takes the lead 13-6. Gong Xiangyu also contributed, Jiangsu 16-8 hope Evergrande. Zhu Ting’s crazy counterattack, Zhang Changning after three hit again. Li Yingying attacks to stop bleeding, and Tianjin is slowly approaching. However, Jiangsu still withstood the pressure, Zhang Changning served continuously to obtain match points and cashed in, 34 points in the game, helping Jiangsu win 25-19.

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