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Spark Global Limited On December 24th, Beijing time, in the 14th round of Serie A, AC Milan played against Lazio at home. Rebic and Charhanoglu scored 2 goals in 6 minutes, but Luis Alberto and Immobile pulled 2 goals in a row, Milan’s lore in the 92nd minute, winning 3-2! With this hard-won victory, AC Milan once again retained the top spot, leaving Juventus 10 points away.

Competition focus

1. AC Milan is unbeaten for 14 consecutive rounds in the season and 26 undefeated across seasons

2. AC Milan scored at least 2 goals in 15 consecutive rounds across the season, replicating Barcelona’s feat 72 years ago

3. AC Milan finished the lore in the 92nd minute, leaving the defending champion Juventus up to 10 points

Wonderful live

In just 10 minutes of the opening, Chalkhanoglu made a corner kick, and Rebic jumped high in the middle of the goal and directly pushed the ball into the dead corner, 1-0! AC Milan took the lead. In the 16th minute, Rebic made a shot in the penalty area. Lazio defender Partridge blocked with his hand and the referee awarded a penalty. Czarhanoglu made it overnight, AC Milan scored at least 2 goals in 15 consecutive rounds across the season. OPTA data confirm that AC Milan copied the feat of Barcelona in 1948 and set a record of 72 years. In the 28th minute, Kallulu sent a penalty kick in the penalty area and was saved because of Mobilee’s shot, but Luis Alberto followed up with a supplementary shot. Lazio fell behind 1-2!

In the 41st minute, Kronic violated the opponent’s foul, and the referee showed him a yellow card to warn him.

In the 42nd minute, Luis Alberto made a direct corner kick and Donnarumma turned back in time to save and resolve the danger. In the 59th minute, AC Milan’s defensive line was not tightly marked, Milinkovic sent a precise pass, and Mobile succeeded in keeping up with the volley, 2-2! In the last 13 games, Immobile scored a total of 12 goals, and his form is amazing. In the 68th minute, Luis Alberto drove the ball outside the penalty area, and a low shot with his left foot was confiscated by Donnarumma.

In the 72nd minute, Luis Alberto made a corner kick and his teammate hit the Scorpion to swing his tail and Donnarumma saved the ball. In the 88th minute, Rebic responded with a direct pass from his teammates and succeeded in counter-offside, but Reina saved a volley in front of the goal.In the 92nd minute, Teo-Hernandez headed a lore, AC Milan 3-2 had the last laugh, surpassing Inter Milan again, keeping the top spot and leaving Juventus by as many as 10 points.

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