304 days later, the world's two super giant fall! Kobe, 41, and Maradona, 60, died two thousand and twenty

On November 26, Beijing time, at 0 o’clock today, the world sports world received very sad news. Maradona, 60, died of cardiac arrest and failed to rescue. It must be said that 2020 is really a disastrous year.

Born on October 30, 1960, Maradona is the greatest player in the world. He led Argentina to win the world cup in 1986. Maradona recently celebrated his birthday when he suffered from a subdural hematoma in his head. There was a certain amount of bleeding in the brain, which led to blood overstocking. However, Maradona immediately carried out an operation, and the effect of the operation was very good. The doctor also said that the operation was completely successful, which would not affect Maradona’s life. However, in the early morning of this year, Maradona’s body suddenly appeared. Finally, he died of cardiac arrest and ineffective rescue.This may be directly related to Maradona’s living habits, because in the player’s time, Maradona often used drugs and had a bad habit of drinking. In addition, in the first half of this year, at that time, the media once showed the video of Maradona dancing with his relatives and friends at home. In the picture, Maradona dances with his little girlfriend. He takes off his pants and shows his buttocks. Judging from the situation at that time, Maradona seems to be a little delirious because of drug abuse. No one can say whether Ma has been drinking and taking drugs in the last six months, so the death of the king of the ball can not be ruled out related to these bad habits.

However, on January 26, when NBA legend Kobe Bryant flew from Orange County, California, to Mamba college, north of Los Angeles, he was killed in a helicopter accident at the age of 41. From January 26 to November 25, it happened to be 304 days. During these 304 days, the two superstars familiar to all in the world sports world died in this way. During this period, many countries have been affected by the new epidemic, and countless lives have been lost. It can be seen that 2020 is really a very grey year.

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