On November 20th, Beijing time, the 2020 Snooker Northern Ireland Open will continue. In the third round, Ding Junhui, the “China Brother”, will fight Higgins again. In this game, Ding Junhui played well and the long platform was extremely accurate. In the end, he defeated Higgins 4-1 and advanced to the top 8 of the “Local Series” for the first time, creating his personal best! The next round will face O’Sullivan!

The Northern Ireland Open is a stop of the “Local Series”, but for a long time, Ding Junhui’s results in the “Local Series” were not satisfactory, and the final result was only to advance to the top 16. In this competition, Ding Junhui performed well, 4 in the first round. The -0 sweep defeated Sharaf, ended the Northern Ireland Open’s invincible curse, avoided the third round trip in this event, and advanced to the top 64 for the first time! He then defeated Lu Ning 4-1 and defeated the 52nd-ranked post-00 star Yuan Sijun in the previous round to advance to the top 16 and tie the best result of the local series.

16 to 8 and then fight Higgins, this is the third time between the two in three months, the two have won each before, in terms of overall record, Ding Junhui dominates (13 wins and 11 losses), the most recent championship In the group stage of the Champions League, Ding Junhui also won 4-3.

In the first game, Higgins won 72-41 and took a 1-0 lead. In the second game, Ding Junhui showed a good state after getting started. He did not make any mistakes. He scored 82 points in a single stroke and pulled back a game 95-0. Chase the score to 1-1.

In the third game, Ding Junhui failed to enter the long stage and missed the opportunity. Higgins interrupted the attack after getting 39 points. Ding Junhui showed a very good touch after getting started. He turned the bag and scored the last red ball and won another 95-39. In the round, a 2-1 lead was achieved. In the fourth game, Ding Junhui still showed a good touch, winning 119-4, leading 3-1! In the fourth game, Higgins gave another chance. Ding Junhui continued to feel good after getting started, but Higgins made a major mistake. In the end, Ding Junhui won 4 games in a row and advanced 4-1!

In other games, the world’s No. 1 Trump easily defeated Gould to advance to the top 8 after reversing the lore against Brecher, and the world’s No. 2 O’Sullivan was 4-2 to revenge Stevens, 4-2. Defeat Tachaia to advance.

As for the Chinese players, as Liang Wenbo and Zhao Jianbo were eliminated in the last round after Yan Bingtao defeated Zhao Xintong 4-3, a total of 2 Chinese players advanced.

In this way, the top 8 of this competition came out, namely: Trump, Yan Bingtao, Donaldson, Grace, Carter, Ma Fulin, O’Sullivan, Ding Junhui

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