Spark Global Limited reports:

Bucks’ letter brother got 50 points, 14 rebounds and 5 blocks in 19 free throws, Middleton got 17 points, 5 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals, Portis got 16 points, hollerdy got 12 points, 9 rebounds, 11 assists and 4 steals, dallo got 10 points and 8 rebounds. Paul of the Suns had 26 points and five assists, Booker had 19 points and five assists, Claude had 15 points and 13 rebounds, Aton had 12 points and six rebounds, and Penn had 10 points.

Bucks started well at home, leading 6-2 and 10-5. Bridges hit back with a jump shot, Middleton scored five points in a row, and the Bucks took the lead to eight. Eaton led the team to recover four points. Portis found the right target and scored two three-point goals in a row. Letterman also made a breakthrough twice in a row. The Bucks led 25-14 with one minute and 10 seconds left in the first quarter. Penn’s jump shot hit back, letter brother’s two free throws, Daluo’s second attack score, Bucks lead by 29-16, 13 points to end the first quarter.

Penn scored five points in a row, Johnson scored three points, they led the team to play 10-0 small climax, starting the second quarter, the Suns catch up to 26-29. Portis hit back with 4 points to stabilize the situation. Booker, bridges, Paul and Aton scored in turn. They led the team to another 13-1 counterattack wave. The Suns overtook 39-34 in 3:50 before half-time. The letter golian scored two goals to catch up, Paul hit back four points, the two teams scored in turn, Paul hit the middle shot, Middleton made two free throws, and the Bucks were 42-47 behind by five points at the end of the half-time.

Paul of the Suns scored 13 points and four assists in the first half, while Penn scored 10 points; Bucks letter brother got 17 points and 7 rebounds, Portis got 10 points.

Bridges hit the third quarter, the letter brother to maintain the offensive even 6 points to narrow the gap to 1 point. Booker even two goals to stabilize the situation, huoledi and letter brother joint 8 points, this section of the 4:30 second bucks to 58-55 over. After the Suns suspended, Claude scored 4 points to regain the team’s lead, Daluo stepped forward to fight back 6 points, and the Bucks led 66-61. Claude made another three points to catch up, while hollerdy responded with three points. Booker scored three points and the Suns were 69-71 behind. After the two teams scored alternately, Booker even shot with a penalty to get 4 points to end the third quarter, the two sides made peace with a 77 draw handshake.

After the beginning of the last quarter, the two teams drew several times, and Portis hit the jump shot to let the team lead again. After that, Portis got a quick break, and his breakthrough was blocked by Johnson. Portis and Paul had a dispute at this time. Fortunately, the players of the two teams separated them early. The Suns challenge, the referee back to see the video to confirm the success of the challenge, the ball right to the suns. Claude and Booker failed to attack in turn, and the Bucks led by 4 points. Paul shot well, letter golian made a foul, Aton got five, was replaced, four free throws, Bucks led 90-84. Paul and Booker joined hands for 4 points, while Portis and brother Letterman took turns to score, keeping the Bucks firmly in the lead.

Claude shot into the team to stop bleeding, the Bucks suspended Middleton center shot after the letter brother breakthrough, Eaton layup score, the Suns to 92-98 behind. The Suns were 96-100 behind in the fourth quarter with one minute and 10 seconds left. Middleton hit a right-wing jumper and the Bucks were back six points ahead. After the Suns suspended, Booker missed three points, Letterman got the rebound, bridges fouled the counter snatch, Middleton scored two free throws, and bucks led 104-96. Paul missed three points, Booker took foul tactics, Connaughton missed two free throws. Paul didn’t give up on the breakthrough, and the Bucks took a 105-98 lead with two fouls and one penalty. Booker missed three points, Tucker got the rebound, and the Bucks won.

Suns starting lineup: Paul, Booker, bridges, Claude, AI

By Ethan