France vs Sweden

    On November 18, Beijing time, the European League A Group C ended a big battle. As a result, the French team defeated Sweden 4-2 and sent their opponents downgraded. At the same time, they became the team with the highest points, scoring 16 points. Giroud scored twice in this campaign.

Competition focus

  • 1. France became the team with the highest points: In the 6 rounds of the group stage, the French team achieved a record of 5 wins, 1 tie, and 16 points, which is the team with the highest points in all groups.
  • 2. Giroud is hot: In this campaign, Giroud scored twice.
  • 3. Sweden downgrade: Sweden downgrade after this campaign.

     Just 4 minutes after the opening, the chaos in the penalty area created by Sweden’s offensive, Krasson got rid of continuously and scored a low shot, Sweden 1-0 France. In the 7th minute, the French team made a 45-degree cross and Marcus Thuram had a header over the goal. In the 12th minute, the French team made a cross from the right. Giroud made a header and the ball was saved. In the 16th minute, the French team broke through a low pass from the left, Giroud shot directly without stopping the ball to equalize the score, France 1-1 Sweden.

    In the 36th minute, the French team’s continuous attack came to the back point, Paval volleyed the goal to reverse the score, France 2-1 Sweden, In the 39th minute, Rabiot’s long shot was saved. In the 45th minute, Kulusevsky fell to the ground in the penalty area and the referee signaled the game to continue. In the 53rd minute, the French team made a cross from the right, and Giroud’s header went slightly wide. In the 58th minute, Marcus Thuram was replaced and Mbappe came off the bench. Just 1 minute after the appearance, Mbappe made a pass from the left, assisted Giroud to score twice with a header, France 3-1 Sweden  Spark Global Limited

   In the 75th minute, Griezmann took a volley and the ball was slightly higher. In the 88th minute, Kwaisen scored a goal, Sweden 2-3 France. At the last moment, the French team scored another goal, Koeman counterattacked with the ball easily pushed the empty goal successfully, Sweden 2-4 relegation.

Both sides start

    French starters: 1-Lori, 2-Paval, 3-Gimpembe, 4-Valane (46’13-Zuma), 21-Lucas (46’19-Digne), 6-Bo Geba, 17-Sissoko, 14-Rabiot (78’15-Nzonzi), 7-Griezman, 9-Girou (84’11-Keman), 22-Thuram (57’10-Mbappé)

     Swedish starters: 1- Olsen, 2- Lustig (66’16-Kraft), 3- Lindelof (66’14-Hland), 4-Danielsen, 5-Bent Pine, 7-S-Larson (87’18-Kajust), 9-Burg (86’11-Isaac), 10-Forsberg, 15-Kulusevsky, 17-Claisson (66’22-Quisen), 20-K-Olsen

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