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Recently, the authoritative media in the United States conducted a poll on the best player in today’s League. A total of 10 NBA scouts and executives participated in the vote. As a result, Kevin Durant and Atto Kunbo each got 5 votes, which was a tie. Lakers superstar LeBron James did not win one vote. Seeing the news, LeBron responded on social media: “thank you very much. It seems that I don’t need anything to motivate me# An old king. ”

Zhan Huang’s zero vote for the best player mocks himself: I’m just an old king

In the eyes of scouts and executives, Durant and Atto Kunbo are the most powerful competitors for the best players in the league today. In 2020-21 season, attokumbo made a qualitative leap. He led the Milwaukee Bucks all the way through the playoffs, advanced to the NBA Finals, and beat the Phoenix Suns in the finals to win the championship. Although Durant led the team to lose to the Milwaukee Bucks in the second round of the playoffs, he played the ultimate personal performance when harden and Owen had injuries. Earlier this month, Durant stood up for the United States in the Tokyo Olympic Games and led the team to win the gold medal again. This also won him countless praise.

As for LeBron, he has been the first person in the League for many years. In the 2020-21 season, LeBron still handed over the comprehensive data of 25 points, 7.7 rebounds and 7.8 assists per game. However, time is unforgiving. LeBron will turn 37 in December. Considering that he has been plagued by injuries in the past three seasons and missed a lot of games, none of the scouts and executives voted for him in the end.

Zhan Huang’s zero vote for the best player mocks himself: I’m just an old king

This is expected to give LeBron extra motivation. As early as 2019, when LeBron led the Lakers out of the playoffs, LeBron also had zero votes for the league’s best vote at that time. However, he got the help of Anthony Davis in the next season and finally led the team to win the 2020 championship.

By Ethan