Tottenham were hit twice in one night

The U.S. men’s basketball team continues to welcome the Olympic warm-up match, while the opponent is Argentina. This game, Argentina men’s basketball veteran Scola 18 minutes, 12 shooting 6, the contribution of the team’s highest 16 points, and 5 rebounds 2 assists. Argentina lost to the United States 80-108.

Scola, 41, is an evergreen in international basketball. Scola is the absolute core of the golden generation of Argentina’s men’s basketball team. He has worked with Ginobili for many years in the national team, and also worked as a teammate with Yao Ming in the Rockets. Today, Ginobili and Yao Ming have retired, but Scola is still the absolute main force for the country.

Scola has worked in NBA for several years, playing for rockets, Suns, Pacers, raptors and nets. After leaving NBA, Scola came to CBA to play for Shanxi and Shanghai teams. In the past two years, Scola played for Milan, Olympia and Varese in the Italian League.

In the face of the powerful American men’s basketball team, Scola can still rely on his perfect technology to score. Not long after the first quarter, Scola followed up to eat cake easily under the basket. Argentina was in no condition at the beginning, and Scola broke the scoring gap with a small hook at the critical moment.

As a technical encyclopedia, Scola has a super complete Arsenal, which is enough to perform non level singles. In the middle of the first quarter, Scola faced Raven’s defense and turned over to make a mid shot. Even if the defensive player changed to Durant, Scola is still fearless, in the other side to stick to the defense still scored. In the third quarter, Scola dislocated against Lillard, he turned around after a hard back fight and hit 2 + 1. American men’s basketball stars, in the face of this 41 year old man, is helpless.

In addition to having a textbook level inside step, Scola also has a certain projection threat in the outside line, hit a three-point bottom corner in the second quarter. In the middle of the third quarter, Scola played Durant in singles, turning and hooking again. It was Scola who scored again and again and pulled Argentina back from the edge of the cliff when the game was close to being beaten.

Although Scola is not old, he can’t fight with four hands in the end. The difference was completely opened by the U.S. team in the third quarter. But Scola’s counter attack breakthrough also suffered miserably, Adebayor sent to pursue the body big hat. At the end of the game, it was rubbish time, and Scola didn’t appear again. In the end, Argentina lost 80-108.

By Ethan