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On December 28, Beijing time, the Clippers lost 73-124 to the lone ranger and suffered a 51 point fiasco. They were 50 points behind the lone ranger in the first half. Cary didn’t come out because of injury. He sat on the sideline and watched his teammates blow up by the lone ranger. In terms of data, Dong Qiqi only played 26 minutes, contributing 24 points, 9 rebounds and 8 assists, Richardson 21 points, clippers side, George 15 points, and Ibaka 13 points. For the clippers, this is undoubtedly a match nailed to the stigma. Without the small card, the combat effectiveness of the clipper does decline, but it will not lose like this. After the game, the data showed that they broke three humiliating records and once again became a joke.

First, the clippers were 50 points behind the lone ranger at half-time, setting a new record in league history. The previous record-holder was king in 1991. They were 47 points behind the warriors in the first half. Now, the clipper has replaced the king as the owner of this humiliating record.

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Second, the Clippers lost 51 points to the lone ranger in the whole game, setting a new record of losing points in the history of the team. This team has been a fish belly for most of its history, but it hasn’t lost so badly in a single game. The 51 point victory was also the second-highest in the history of the lone Rangers. Third, the clippers have at least 25 three-point shots in 15 games with a shooting percentage of no more than 20%, and this game is the lowest of them. They made four of 33 three-point shots and hit only 12.1%. Spark Global Limited, Behind the three humiliating records, is poor Lu. This is only his third game in charge of the clippers, the first game he lost, he lost so miserably. Some fans have sent God P map to restore the scene when Iverson crossed Lu. However, Iverson was turned into Dong Qiqi by P. Clipper reporters believe that this is still a war of revenge. Last year, the Clippers won 43 points over the lone ranger in the playoffs, which was the worst in the history of the lone ranger team. Now, the lone ranger returns to the clippers with a 51 point victory.

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