Recently, the NBA offseason has officially kicked off, and there have been a lot of blockbuster deals and rumors. Recently, “SB nation” has launched a vote on some recent major events. As a result, 56% of fans believe that Westbrook will trade earlier than Harden. After the Suns traded for Paul, it is not yet a championship-level team.

Prior to this, the Suns and the Thunder completed a blockbuster deal. The Thunder sent Paul and Nader to Rubio from the Suns. Oublay and Jalen Wright also have future first-round picks. When the Rockets sent away Chris Paul, many people regarded Paul as a burden, but now the situation is completely different. So who is the final winner of the deal between the Suns and the Thunder regarding Paul?

Judging from the final voting results, about 45% of American netizens believe that this is a fair deal. The Thunder cleared the space and switched to the draft pick. The Suns got a star point guard. Next season There is a chance to hit the playoffs.

The second question is about the Rockets. Recently, there have been a lot of rumors about Harden and Westbrook. There are media rumors that the Nets are interested in getting Harden to form a Big Three lineup, and Harden also wants to join Durant. Although Westbrook’s trade value is not as high as Harden, the former MVP player is eager to leave the Rockets and join a team with himself as the core of the offense.

Harden and Westbrook are both the core of the Rockets. Who will be traded by the team earlier? As a result, 56% of American netizens chose Westbrook, and 44% of fans chose Harden.

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