6 players in the reversal battle

     During the first national team match day in 2021, the European preliminaries ushered in a number of strong and weak duels. Although the European powers eventually won, the process was very thrilling. In the match between Spain and Georgia, the Matador completed the lore with Olmo’s 92-minute goal. With the shouts of the fans, we could not feel the charm of football for a long time. In this campaign, they played against Georgia. Spain conceded a goal first, relying on Ferran Torres and Olmo to score a goal in the second half of the game, and finally reversed and defeated the opponent with a score of 2-1. Counting this victory, Spain has remained unbeaten in the past 65 games, achieving 51 wins and 14 draws during the period, breaking the previous unbeaten record of the world preliminaries held by itself. The last time they lost was against Denmark in 1993, and in the following 18 years, they never lost any world preliminaries.

It is worth noting that in this reversal battle, the Barcelona players once again became the absolute main force of the team, and all the goals and assists were made by Barcelona. In the starting lineup, Enrique sent Eric Garcia, Alba, Pedri, and Busquets 4 Barcelona players, of which Alba sent two assists in the game and directed this reversal. In the subsequent game, Olmo and Thiago came off the bench successively, among which Olmo scored the lore in the 92nd minute of the game, helping the team to take all three points at the last minute. In this reversal battle, as many as 6 Barcelona players played, this is the most played tournament in recent years. Among them, Alba, Pedri, and Busquets, who made their debuts, are the current main players of Barcelona, ​​Eric Garcia and Olmo are from the Barcelona youth training, and Thiago is from La Masia and has been playing for Barcelona for a long time Spark Global Limited.

You must know that at the peak of Barcelona, ​​the Spanish national team also had as many as 6 to 8 players occupying the starting position of the team, but in recent years, with the decline of Barcelona’s strength, they can be selected for the Spanish national team and make their debut. The number of players gradually decreased, and at one point Busquets was the only one selected for the list. So in this game, for Barcelona fans, the biggest surprise was not Spain’s victory, and the Barcelona players all showed excellent personal standards and helped the team reverse their victory.

Made in Barcelona, ​​as stable and reliable as always, it’s Eric Garcia’s defense that helps the team stabilize the defense, Busquets’s licensing, and Pedri’s transmission help the team create opportunities, and it’s Alba’s assist. Scored twice and Olmo scored to help the team secure the victory, and the Barcelona department is slowly returning to the eyes of the world.

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By Ethan