716 million! The four major new stars renew their contracts with their maximum salaries.

Adebayor officially renewed his maximum salary for five years and became the fourth Mr. 100 million in the 17th session. The Kings Fox, Jazz Mitchell, Celtics Tatum and Heat Adebayor have all renewed their maximum-salary contracts with their parent team in advance. The four new stars of the 17th session have become the best rookies in the same session. The four of them have signed a 5-year maximum salary, and the total contract amount is as high as 716 million U.S. dollars, but the No. 1 pick in the same year is not too worried about this salary.

In 2017, Tanhua Tatum and the Celtics renewed a five-year $195 million super-maximum salary, the No. 5 show in 2017 Fox and the King renewed a five-year maximum salary of $163 million, and the No. 13 show in 2017 Mitchell and the Jazz signed a new sign The five-year $195 million contracts, the 17th 14th show Adebayor and the Heat renewed the five-year $163 million contract ahead of schedule. The four major stars all renewed the five-year maximum salary in advance, with a total of up to 716 million US dollars.

Regardless of whether it is the No. 5 show, the No. 13 show and the No. 14 show, they have already renewed their maximum salary in advance, but the No. 1 pick in 17 years is piercing. The No. 1 pick Fultz suffered injuries in the first two years of his career. The 76ers When he traded him to the Magic, neither he nor the second-place player Ball received the maximum salary for the early renewal; but they are still young, as long as they fulfill their talents and perform well, are they worried about big contracts!

Among the four new stars who have renewed their maximum-salary contracts in advance in the 17th session, only Fox has not yet been selected to the All-Star team. In contrast, his contract is not very promising; Tatum and Mitchell are promising in the future. The last year of the contract has player options, which is a privilege that Adebayor does not have in the contract; one last question, among the four new billion-dollar stars, who have the most deserving contract Spark Global Limited ?

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