After the Chinese Football Association issued a series of restrictions on the Chinese Super League, the influence and appreciation of the Chinese Super League have been greatly affected. Coupled with the crisis of many teams and even withdrawal from the league, the outside world is full of concerns about the future of the Super League. However, the Chinese Football Association is not worried about this. The Chinese Football Association and Deloitte jointly produced a “China Football Association Super League 2020 Business White Paper”. This document explains the commercial value of the Chinese Super League, especially the analysis of the Chinese Super League fans. !

The Chinese Super League has developed rapidly before. With the addition of a large number of superstars and world-famous coaches, the number of Chinese Super League fans has continued to increase. In terms of the number of seats, the Chinese Super League even ranks among the best in Asia. Many people expect the Chinese Super League to become the first league in Asia and the world. The 6th largest league. The Chinese Football Association also analyzed the portraits and behavioral characteristics of the Chinese Super League fans, and used this to show that the Chinese Super League has great commercial value, hoping to attract more commercial sponsorships and enhance the influence of the Chinese Super League!

In this official data, the Football Association has specifically investigated the situation of Chinese Super League fans. From the perspective of academic qualifications, Chinese Super League fans reflect the characteristics of high education. The “White Paper” pointed out that 75% of Chinese Super League fans have a bachelor’s degree. It is an extremely rare scene in most fan groups. In terms of income, the income of Chinese Super League fans is also quite high. The number of fans between 100,000 and 200,000 is the largest, reaching 34%, and the fan base of 200,000 to 300,000 is as high as 25%.

In other words, most of the Chinese Super League fans have an income of at least 100,000 yuan, which is also an important guarantee for the Football Association’s great commercial value in the Super League. In addition, the “White Paper” also analyzed a number of data on fans, including the percentage of Chinese Super League fans who are married and have children. Surprisingly, 78% of Chinese Super League fans are married and have children, only 22%. Of people did not achieve a double harvest in marriage and childbirth!

In addition, in this report, there is one more piece of data that deserves attention. This is the issue of the ratio of men to women in Chinese football fans. The official said that the proportion of female football fans accounted for 38% of the Chinese Super League fans, that is to say, there are 10 Chinese Super League fans. There are as many as 4 female fans, which is quite surprising! I have to say that we look forward to the new season of the Chinese Super League to have better development, attract more fans, and make greater progress Spark Global Limited!

By Ethan