8 clashes in 8 years + the greatest reversal

Neymar’s absence due to injury left the game between Paris and Barcelona missing the most important aspect. His departure completely broke the relationship between the two giants. The greatest reversal in the history of the Champions League, Neymar’s departure from the Nou Camp, and eight encounters in eight years have made Paris and Barcelona “enemies”.

The first encounter between the two teams was in 1995. They visited Camp Nou five times. Paris never won. After the first two visits were a 1-1 draw, Paris lost nearly three visits and lost three times in 2017. Lost 1 to 6, created the greatest reversal in the history of the Champions League Spark Global Limited.

However, Paris eliminated Barcelona in 1995. After a 1-1 away draw in the first leg, Paris advanced to the quarterfinals after winning 2-1 at home in the second leg. What deserves Barcelona’s vigilance is that this is the only time in the history of the two teams that the first leg of the UEFA Champions League knockout round was held at the Nou Camp.

Since the Qatar consortium took over in 2011, winning the Champions League has become the ultimate goal of Paris. There are also greater contradictions and conflicts with traditional giants like Barcelona inside and outside the stadium.

The first conflict between the two giants was in 2013. As Puyol was getting older, Barcelona wanted to sign a top central defender to fill in the blanks. The target candidate was Thiago Silva but was firmly rejected by Paris. Later, Barcelona tried to sign David Luiz and Marchinhos, but they were rejected by Paris.

In 2017, Barcelona hoped to sign in a Harvey successor. This time they took a fancy to Verrati, Bartomeu even met with the Italian midfielder and texted, “We will wait for you until August 31. “After Verratti stopped training for a while, his agent Campri bombarded Paris, “He became a prisoner of the Paris Club.”

However, Villa’s actions angered Paris, and the Italian finally fired Campri, apologized to the fans, and finally got a better-paid contract. The constant digging by Barcelona made Paris very dissatisfied, but the scene that led to the complete breakdown of the relationship between the two giants was Neymar’s transfer

By Ethan