8-year-old Jiafu genius, European giants shot together

      With the Spanish national team and Barcelona creating a highly surprising green dynasty at the end of the first decade of this century, the football world’s emphasis on midfield has reached its peak. Even though the era of control flow seems to be gone forever, the top midfielders and excellent B2B are still the focus of chasing by the rich. The 18-year-old Ajax genius Gravenberg is the leader of the new generation.

As the Dutch giants, Ajax also had the magic of aspiring Europe in the 1990s. However, after the Bosman Act was introduced, it became difficult to retain talent. Gradually, Ajax has become a hot spot for training young people. A study published by the Swiss sports organization IES (International Sports Research Center) in April 2020 believes that Ajax is “the main stepping stone club leading to the top five leagues” because there are too many to reach the top The star of the stage.

Gravenberg, who grew up here, became the youngest player in the history of the Ajax team at the age of 16 years and 135 days, surpassing Suriname’s predecessor Seedorf. At the age of 17, he has scored 2 goals in 14 appearances for the Ajax first team. His outstanding performance sparked the idea of ​​Barcelona, ​​Roma, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and other giant clubs. “Gazzetta Dello Sport” estimates that he is worth around 35 million euros, which can be described as the current hot midfielder. Greenberg is also confident about himself: “My role model is Zidane.”

Both offensive and defensive: great passing potential & long legs are conducive to defense

Gravenberg, who will be 19 years old next month, can serve as a midfielder and a central midfielder on the court, but from a practical perspective, he even plays more like a midfielder or a pseudo-nine. Likes to get into the opponent’s penalty area, while having a certain header and long shot ability. Granberg’s defensive data is quite conspicuous, but he is actually not good at defensive position and prediction. His biggest advantage lies in the long legs and strong ability to shoot. This time he chased back to his penalty area, and it was a wonderful shot to steal the ball from behind. But the follow-up dribbling was a bit too much, and once again lost the ball.

This time it was the same reason. In a 55-ball dispute, Gravenberg took advantage of his long leg and good flexibility and suddenly started to steal the ball, bringing his own counterattack opportunity. Another characteristic of Gravenberg is his passing, although he is only 18 years old, he has a certain organizational ability. This long pass transfer is a bright spot. Even Ajax’s free-kick passes are basically made by him. Gravenberg’s direct attack on the goal is more eye-catching, but his current shooting is not good enough. This time Anthony passed the Roma centre-back Ibanez on the winger to create a chance. Gravenberg shot from the center but it was a bit positive Spark Global Limited.

By Ethan