90 minutes killed! Shanghai lost 0-1 to the Japanese champion, suffered the first defeat in the Asian championship, and lost the Oscar

At 21:00 on November 25, Beijing time, Shanghai Shanggang lost 0-1 to Yokohama mariners in the third round of the 2020 Asian Championship group competition. In the first half, international player Wang shenchao made a joke. In the second half, Hulk lost his temper and went straight back to the dressing room to argue with Pereira. In addition, Oscar lost points in the 81st minute and was killed in Hong Kong in the 90th minute. Shanghai suffered its first defeat in the Asian championship this season.

Competition focus:

Wang Shengchao made a low-level error in the rescue, and the Yokohama mariner won the first defeat in the Asian championship this season in Hong Kong.

2. Hulk lost his first penalty taker in Hong Kong after losing his temper. He got a penalty in the 80th minute. Oscar took the penalty and lost the penalty.

In the 19th minute, when Maeda ran was ready to cross, his right foot accidentally touched the ball. As a result, when his left foot crossed, he kicked empty, and Maeda ran fell to the ground in confusion.

In the 33rd minute, Maeda ran quickly broke through with the ball, Fu Huan’s tactical foul was stained yellow.

In the 38th minute, Wang Shengchao cleared a low-level mistake and gave a corner kick to his opponent. As an international player, Wang’s foot should not be.

The 41st minute, Oscar pass, Lee Shenglong was blown down a foul, but he thought the opponent handball, unfortunately, there was no VaR in this battle. Half time game, both sides play 0-0.

Yi Bian fight again, the 48th minute, Oscar single fight shot wide.

In the 56th minute, Chen Wei was not far away from the encirclement, and Eric hung the door directly.

Oscar’s shot was almost free in 64 minutes.

The 66th minute, Nakagawa Hui person follows up to cross the forbidden area, by Chen Wei holds the ball directly.

Then the camera replays, hulk and Pereira after the exit of a few words, directly back to the dressing room!In the 80th minute, maitijiang made a site.

In the 81st minute, Oscar missed, his shot was judged by the opponent’s goalkeeper in the right direction. On the sidelines, Pereira was speechless and missed the final in Hong Kong.

In the 90th minute, Yokohama sailor won the victory, and Nakagawa Hui’s head ball was saved by Chen Wei. Then Tianye Chun made up the shot. Chen Wei could not do anything. Finally, he lost 0-1 in Hong Kong!

The two parties appear as follows:

Shanghai Shanggang:

Goalkeeper: 34 – Chen Wei;

Guard: 23 Fu Huan, 3 Yu Rui, 28 he Tong, 4 Wang shenchao;

Midfield: 16 metijiang, 26 Moy (58’20 Yang Shiyuan), 8 Oscar;

Forwards: 10 – Hulk (67’9 – Lopez), 14 – Li Shenglong (67’37 – Chen Binbin), 24 – Lei Wenjie (58’11 – LV Wenjun)

Yokohama sailor:

Goalkeeper: 31 – Powell obina;

Defenders: 5-tiraton, 13 Tiago Martins, 25 Koichi Ryuta (52’27 – Matsumura), 33 – Hotan Toya (46’8 – HIDA tuoya), 44 – Kazuo Nakamura’s assistant;


Midfield: 6 – Guihong Fanyuan, 9 – Marcos junior, 18 – Hiroshi Hiroshi;

Forwards: 17 Eric, 38 Maeda Daran (63’16 Takano)

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