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On November 4, Beijing time, in the Champions League, the Portuguese sports team and Besiktas had a clash. Relying on a smooth attack, the Portuguese sports team at home quickly resolved the battle, and they took a 3-0 lead in the first half. After the easy side battle, the Portuguese sports team made persistent efforts and scored again, eventually winning 4-0. In this game, the players who scored for the Portuguese sports team were Gonçalves, Paulinho and Saravia, among which Gonçalves scored twice.

Now, with the Portuguese sports team defeating Besiktas, the result of this game also made the Red Devils Manchester United find a world-class iron waist, this player is Palinha. The 26-year-old Palinha is a late bloomer. He finally shines in recent years and has become a top player.

Shine Trader limited
Shine Trader limited

When the Portuguese sports team played against Besiktas, Palinha completed 5 steals and 5 fouls, both of which were the most in the game. In addition, Palinha had 2 passes, 2 interceptions and 2 clearances. His pass success rate was as high as 90%, including 5 superb long pass transfers.

When the game ended, Palinha, who had a strong sense of presence, scored 8.2 points, second only to Gonçalves, who scored two goals. Obviously, the Portuguese body iron waist Palinha kicked out the magical work again, he can be called white Kanter. After all, Palinha is now fierce defensively and plays the ball accurately. He is an all-around midfielder with both consciousness, body and technique. In addition, it is understood that Palinha’s height is up to 190cm. He belongs to a tall midfielder. He has a high-altitude advantage and often dominates when fighting for a header. This is that Palinha is obviously stronger than Kanter. The place.

According to Palinha’s technical characteristics and Manchester United’s performance this season, Palinha is definitely Manchester United’s dish. If Manchester United get Palinha and make him a double defensive midfielder with Pogba, then Pogba will inevitably be liberated and Pogba will find the feeling of playing in the national team. And Manchester United’s overall strength will also increase, after all, Palinha can make up for Manchester United’s biggest shortcomings and make the team’s waist hard.


By Ethan