A cross-country race for one person!

Tencent Sports News On June 20, the organizing committee held a test match 9 days before the opening of the Great Five Dynasty Tour and the Fourth World Tournament. The 2019 Hong Kong 100 champion and the post-95 Yunnan teenager Shen Jiasheng was invited to participate in the test competition and finished the race in 7 hours 24 minutes and 31 seconds, greatly improving the previous track record by 2 hours and 7 minutes.

This is the practice of one person, but also a competition for everyone. Although only Shen Jiasheng participated in the test competition, the organizing committee still sent a security team of 32 people and 3 security vehicles to strictly follow the rules of the event, mandatory equipment inspection, normal setup of supply stations, and use of LiveTrail timing. The race is no different, ensuring that the test race is equally fair and just.

Since the establishment of the Great Five Chaotai Tour in 2015, this highly difficult event that has redefined trail running has become the highest stage for domestic runners. Dawuchaotai has changed the traditional lively and extraordinary cross-country scene and created a unique cross-country experience independently, that is, returning to the functionality of the cross-country, allowing the players to feel the original texture of the mountains. As the event adheres to the classic practice route and self-navigation without road signs and other light-weight fast-travel concepts, in order to ensure that this year’s event can provide players with a better experience, and also do a roadshow for the live event on the day of the game, Shen Jiasheng was invited to participate this year This test match played alone Spark Global Limited.

Off-road goddess coral inspects equipment for Shen Jiasheng

In an interview, Shen Jiasheng expressed that he yearned for the Big Five circuit very much: “I don’t like races where you can see the results at a glance. I like challenges and running in unpredictable mountains. So I always really want to run the Dawutai route. Not only because it is an elite track that can be run all the way, but also because it can change the microclimate of the four seasons in one day. I think this is the real feeling of trail running. Not afraid of wind and rain. , Explore nature and face the unknown!”

This Yunnan guy born in 1995 and the new champion of cross-country running in China has been shining in many well-known domestic competitions in just a few years and won many championships. At present, his ITRA personal performance score is as high as 883, and his super racing performance also allows the world to see his outstanding off-road talent and ability. Today, his results have greatly refreshed the previous match record. The original record of 9 hours and 31 minutes belonged to the 2016 Youge UG team (Ding Zhijian, Bi Duanyang).

Regarding the invitation to Shen Jiasheng to conduct such a test competition, in addition to testing whether the track arrangement can give the participants the best experience on the day of the competition, Li Changzheng, the event organizer and general manager of Huirun, also said: “We have always felt that cross-country running It’s a very interesting thing. People run in the world, are connected with nature, and exist independently, and there is too much visibility in it. So we want to do our best for all the domestic cross-country that can’t be there on the day of the 6.29 race. Running enthusiasts, here is a special live broadcast of the cross-country race.”

By Ethan