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The Green Bay Packers’ versatile running back may have avoided the worst.
Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel confirmed Aaron Jones’ initial diagnosis of a sprained MCL on his right side, the fourth injury in his career. Jones was helped off the field by trainers in the fourth quarter of the Packers’ win over the visiting Seattle Seahawks. He was briefly evaluated in a blue medical tent, and according to CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson, he left in tears and sought out nearby family members to attend. Reading the tea leaves of the moment, almost everyone is worried that Jones has suffered a serious knee injury. It is also possible that he exacerbated the ankle problems he had earlier in the season. He spent weeks on the Packers’ injury report before being completely removed on Oct. 20. Still, he was never forced to miss any time.
There is a well-documented history between Jones and nagging MCL sprains. He missed a total of three games in his 2017 rookie season because of sprained knees — his right knee on Nov. 12 and his left knee on Dec. 23. The former sidelined him for two games, while the latter ruled him out of the regular-season finale against the Detroit Lions.

The following year, he was sidelined for the final two games of the season after spraining his right MCL for the second time in a divisional clash against the Chicago Bears on Dec. 16. He won’t play the following week in a win over the New York Jets or a late-season exit by the Lions.
Considering Jones has never missed more than two games since spraining his MCL, it’s unlikely the Packers will move him to injured reserve. Doing so would put him on hold for at least three games. None of Jones’s previous sprains required surgery, setting the stage for his return at some point this season. If he were to lose his job because of a similar schedule, he would miss next Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings and a game against the Los Angeles RAMS on Nov. 28 — a game that could determine a playoff seed.
The Packers lead the way with AJ Dillon in the backfield, and he gives them enough confidence that he can not only handle the workload, but will make the most of those opportunities.
Combined with Jones’ 86-yard scrimmage before leaving Sunday, Dillon touched the ball 23 times from scrimmage for 128 yards and two touchdowns. He helped form the ideal lightning combination for the Packers’ rushing offense, but for now, they’ll rely entirely on the shoulder — or quadriceps — of last spring’s 62nd overall pick.
“I’m proud of him,” the quarterback said of Aaron Rodgers, who won everything for the first time since the Packers beat the Buffalo Bills 22-0 on Sept. 30, 2018. Come back complete.
“Smart boy, tough. I mean, he ran into clear men for both touchdowns. Beyond that you can only say.”
Just last month, Dillon fumbled two of his four touches against Washington’s football team. It may have marked the nadir of his career, but the struggle laid the foundation for him. This provided Dillon with the opportunity to build trust with his colleagues.
Some of those improvements have come in how he runs the ball: “For me, it’s about running under my mat,” he said. “Don’t run so straight. In these cases, a good mat level does help. Keep your legs moving, things like that.”

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