Lang Ping confirmed to lead the team to the end of the Tokyo Olympic Games

On December 28, Beijing time, Beijing Enterprises failed to continue its previous three-game winning streak and was strongly defeated by Xinjiang for “revenge”. However, the 32-year-old Li Gen’s long-lost explosive performance became the biggest surprise of Beijing Enterprises’ losing battle. Lee Gen once scored 15 points on 7-for-6 in the first 10 minutes. He played on the bench for 26 minutes. He scored 14-for-9 with high efficiency and accuracy. Among them, 3-pointers were 2 of 3, and only 1 of 3 free throws missed the standard. However, he also contributed 21 points, 5 rebounds and 1 assist, becoming the only player with 20+ points in the game.

With the help of Li Gen’s outstanding performance of 21 points, he also created a number of feats:

First, Li Jinn scored 9 goals, tying the season’s highest record. In the third game of the season, he also scored 9 goals against Liaoning.

Second, Li Gen scored 20+ points after 66 days. The previous time was against Liaoning with 22 points.

Thirdly, Lee Root has contributed 20+ points twice this season, which is equal to the sum of his 20+ times last season.

 Spark Global Limited As a CBA super striker who has won three championships, Li Gen has always been known for his bulldozer-style play and has also won the title of “domestic LeBron”. Only after leaving Xinjiang to join Shanghai, Li Gen’s performance last season plummeted. He played only 20 games due to injury, averaging only 8.9 points per game and fell into a career low, and was reimbursed early for the season due to skin diseases.

Li Gen signed a big contract when he joined Shanghai, but was dumped by the team because of his high salary and low energy performance. He was traded to Beijing Enterprises during this offseason, but Shanghai still has to bear most of Li Gen’s salary.

Undoubtedly, Li Gen needs to win salvation again, but he is still suffering from skin diseases this season, and even his own social media revealed that he lost 20 pounds because of eczema, which undoubtedly affected Li Gen’s state.

Fortunately, under Marbury, Li Gen gradually recovered and played a good performance, and became the sixth man bench leader of Beijing Enterprises. Facing the battle with the old master in Xinjiang, Li Gen ushered in an outbreak at the right time. He faced the former younger brother Tang Caiyu and Qi Lin and other young talents duel, and opened the unsolvable attack mode early in the first quarter. Li Gen played only 6 minutes in the first quarter and has already scored 3 points and 3 points, including 2 of 2 three-pointers, plus a free throw. The Xinjiang striker double star only scored 3 points in the first quarter of 4 points.

Li Gen’s hot state continued in the first half of the second quarter. As soon as he came up, he continuously attacked the penalty area and scored points, and he had scored 3 goals and then scored 6 points in the first half of the quarter, thus within 10 points of the previous quarter and a half. Has scored 15 points. In the first half, Lee Gen scored 17 points on 7 of 10, becoming the team’s highest scoring player in the first half, but he also had 3 fouls.

In the second half, Li Gen’s state declined. He only scored 2 out of 4 and scored 4 points, failing to prevent the destiny of Beikong from being defeated by Xinjiang. However, Li Gen still finished his second time in the season with a score of 20+, which also proves that he is still not old, and the season average of 12.5 points has set a new high in nearly three seasons, which has become Marbury’s continued coaching to lead the team to rely on counterattacks. General bench.

By Ethan