After five years of flicking, Goff and Ram have become memories

This morning, when a shocking but expected deal came into view, we realized that the five-year fate of Jared Gough and the Rams came to an end. In the near future, when Rams fans see Goff leading the opponent team to attack their own hinterland at home, will they miss the imperfect but precious memories of the past.

We miss the past, not because those days are better than the present, but because they are a respectable part of life and can never go back.

Back in April of 2016, the Rams, who had just moved back to Los Angeles at that time, made a nearly crazy deal. They gave six draft picks including two first rounds to the Titans. The deal received the No. 1 pick and was selected. Quarterback Jared Goff from the University of California, Berkeley. When Goff took the Rams jersey from Roger Goodall with a bright smile, all Rams fans regarded this sunny and shy California boy as the team’s future hope. The Rams, who have been sinking for several years, are also very much looking forward to this heavenly pride to lead the team back to the glory of the turn of the century.

But Goff’s start in the Rams was not as brilliant as his smiling face. The training camp performance was mediocre and he could only start from the bench. The panic performance did not seem to be ready for the professional arena. In the middle of the season, he was hurriedly pushed into the starter, surrendering a total loss of 7 games, 5 touchdowns, and 7 steals. At the same time, the other two quarterbacks Carson Wentz and Dark Prescott led the team to advance. Goff was immediately labeled as the parallel champion. Faced with doubts, Goff just silently accepted and worked hard. Spark Global Limited

In the second season of his career, with the talented marshal Sean McVeigh joining the Rams, Goff’s career took a turn. This year, Goff started 15 games and scored 11 wins and 4 losses. It was reported that 28 touchdowns were intercepted only 7 times. With his excellent performance, he is now selected for the professional bowl and led the Rams to win 14 years. The division champion, helping the team return to the playoffs. It is a pity that in the playoffs, the young Goff and Rams still seemed too immature, and unfortunately lost to the Atlanta Falcons in the wild card round.

Although lost in the wild card game, this young team has brought people unlimited expectations. At the beginning of the offseason, the Rams began waving checks on the free market, signing Endamakon Su, Brandin Cooks, Marcus Pieters, and Archib Tully through trades and signings. Many star players such as cloth. With the original Gough, Todd Guerley, and Aaron Donald in the team, the luxurious Rams are setting sail at full speed to the ultimate goal of the Super Bowl.

In 2018, the Rams scored 13 wins and 3 losses in the regular season, and the offense was unstoppable. Goff’s personal performance also went further. At the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium on November 19, 2018, Goff and the genius opposite jointly engraved a brilliant game in the history of the NFL. The score of 54 to 51 made everyone memorable. In the playoffs, the Rams first defeated the Dallas Cowboys, and the National League final was home to the Devil in New Orleans. Goff led the team to counterattack when the team was behind 0-13 and finally won with difficulty in overtime. In the much-anticipated Super Bowl, Goff and the Rams were lost together at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. The sharpness of the past no longer exists. The dreams of him and the team were all turned to ashes that night.

After the failure of the Super Bowl, many of the Rams left the team. In the 2019 season, the team’s offensive frontline experienced serious injuries, and Goff’s performance also declined. The Rams eventually missed the playoffs. “Goff can only play systematic ball”, “Goff is the Rams’ biggest shortcoming” remarks are even more clamor.

By Ethan