The Warriors’ official announcement has announced that Klay Thompson’s injury was diagnosed with a torn Achilles tendon and was reimbursed for the season ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, Thompson’s injury was able to fully recover; Warriors general manager Miles confirmed all this, but for now, There is no clear degree of injury and recovery timetable. Miles also revealed the first reaction of Curry and Green after learning that Thompson was seriously injured.

According to the Warriors Reporter, Miles revealed that after Curry and Dreaming Green learned of Thompson’s injury, the scene was silent, and they were both stunned. Thompson, 30, was too unfortunate to recover from a serious knee injury but suffered a torn Achilles tendon. He was seriously injured and was reimbursed for two consecutive years due to the injury season. Although his injury can be healed, the injury is too troublesome and it is a pity to waste two years of peak time.

Miles also said: No one dislikes Klay, he and Rose are the most beloved players in the league today, and fans all over the world love them both. Regarding the bad news of Thompson’s torn Achilles tendon, the Lakers legend magician tweeted: Thompson’s injury made me sick. I hope he is 100% healed and returns to the game as soon as possible.

To be honest, the Warriors have been ruined by injuries in recent years. If Durant (ruptured Achilles tendon) and Thompson (torn knee ligament) were not seriously injured in the 19th Finals, the Warriors might have defeated the Raptors to create three consecutive games. Crown dynasty; but then the Warriors were injured again, Curry accidentally fractured the team completely to abandon the 19-20 season, the new season has not yet started, aiming to hit the championship Thompson was reimbursed due to injury.


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