All star LeBron

On March 5, Beijing time, LeBron James, as the captain of the all star game in the west, took the lead in making the choice of teammates. He selected the starting lineup including: himself, Letterman, curry, donchic and Jokic; the substitute lineup: lilard, Simmons, Paul, brown, George, sabonis and Goebbels.



All star LeBron

In the process of live selection, LeBron was in a relaxed state. The host joked about whether he chose for the all star team or the Lakers. LeBron said with a smile: “I looked at the lineup. There are not many potential free agents.”


One of LeBron’s choices is Janice artokumbo. This is the second time that the two have become teammates in the all star team. The last time was in the 2016-17 season, the all star team has not yet made the captain selection system, and the Letterman and LeBron have been selected into the East team.


After the letter brother, LeBron’s next choices are curry, donchic and Jokic, so he decided to start.


His first choice on the bench was Damian Lillard, who gave up what he previously called “the most disrespectful” Devon Booker to Durant.


Then he picked his best friend Ben Simmons and called him “Mr. fight every round.”. It is worth mentioning that since the introduction of all star captain selection system, LeBron has never picked Simmons’s teammate enbid.


Durant picked Zion – Williamson, LeBron also said: “this is the person I want.” But there was no way. He chose Paul later.


LeBron humorously nicknamed his chosen teammate, calling him “Jay – undervalued – Brown”. When choosing Paul George, he said, “this is the only time I support this guy because we are enemies.”

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