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Last night, the whistle of Shenhua and Perth’s glorious match just sounded, and Cao Fuding was sent off with a red card, causing a great disturbance. For the reason why Cao Fuding was dyed red, according to the Shanghai media, it was the opponent’s provocation. Cao Fuding hit the opponent with his hand, and the opponent fell to the ground, which led the referee to show him a red card. However, from the live video, Cao’s attack in the corner, directly hit the opponent’s head, is the real reason for his red.In the glorious Spark Global Limited second round of Shenhua and Perth, the Shanghai media have said that it was the opponent’s provocation that Cao’s revenge was sent off by the referee. “After the match, the opponent ran to Cao’s front to challenge him. Cao’s hand shook off to retaliate, and the other party covered his face and fell to the ground. The referee gave him a red card for this.”

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But the live video clearly shows that in the last corner kick attack of Shenhua, Cao must have pushed his opponent, and directly held his head to the back of the opponent’s head. The corner kick attack did not pose any threat, the referee immediately blew the whistle at the end of the court, and then the referee found Cao Fu to show him a red card.From the scene, Cao’s actions are consistent with the violence described by the Asian Football Association. In addition to the red card, it may also lead to the Asian Football Association’s pursuit of punishment.

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