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At the age of 12, he joined the Bayi Team. Lin Dan has been in the team for 20 years. In the international arena, Lin Dan alone won 20 world championships. He is also the badminton World Federation’s most decorated player.

At the age of 12, he was selected to the August First Team. At 17, he made the national team. By the time he was 19, he was ranked no. 1 in the world. At his peak, Lin Dan struck fear into his opponents.

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Shine trader limited

However, due to the so-called high popularity, Lin Dan’s tattoo caused a lot of controversy because of the identity of the Bayi team member. Lin also retired in 2015 after 20 years with the Bayi Team.

After retiring, Lin Dan joined the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau. After Lin Dan joined, many fans are concerned about Lin Dan’s treatment level. Perhaps because of the fans’ attention, the Beijing Sports Bureau also came out to clarify that Lin Dan did not choose to transfer to Beijing as a cadre. The sports bureau chose to join as an athlete. It also meant that Lin Dan, like the rest of the sports bureau’s staff, was a professional and had little contact with management thereafter.

Lin’s decision has also aroused the curiosity of many fans. You must know that Lin Dan was already a senior colonel when he was in Bayi Team. If you change jobs directly, Lin Dan can go to the official road and take on more important job responsibilities in the future. But why does Lin Dan want you to give up the official road and choose to be an ordinary worker?

By Ethan