Analysis of Griffin's advantages and disadvantages

Recently, the nets signed Griffin. So, what is the significance of his joining the nets? Can he get a new life in the net? Can he still play a role in the championship team?

Analysis of Griffin's advantages and disadvantages

Griffin has played 20 games for the pistons this season, averaging 31.3 minutes, 12.3 points, 5.3 rebounds, 3.9 assists and 36.5% shooting. In these games, Griffin doesn’t seem to be a very important player. So, now join a stronger team, we have reason to believe that he will play more efficient performance?


A sharp decline in athletic ability


Just two seasons ago, Griffin was also recognized as the first contribution of the pistons to the playoffs. He was also selected as the best three formation and all star of the 2018-19 season, scoring 25.3 points every 36 minutes, with a real shooting rate of 58.1%, the highest and the second highest in his career respectively. Meanwhile, Griffin had changed somewhat when compared with the “awesome” of the Clippers. According to statistics, in the 2018-19 season, only 3.1% of his sports goals were dunks, while the proportion of three-point shots reached 39%, a career high.


Griffin missed most of the series against bucks in the first round of 2019 due to a left knee injury. Although he came back with an injury, he failed to prevent the pistons from being swept. In April of the same year, he underwent an arthroscopic operation on his left knee. After that, Griffin disappeared. In the 2019-20 season, Griffin only played 18 games, and the efficiency was extremely low, and the second knee surgery in January 2020 led to the season reimbursement.


In the off-season of 2020, it was reported that Griffin was in good condition in training. Considering that he had been recovering for a long time, people also expected him to regain his peak condition, but everyone’s wish failed. Even though the overall performance is better than last season, the two-point shooting rate of 43% is a career low, and the role in the team is also sharply reduced, with the utilization rate dropping from 28.5% last season to 19.4%.


There is a shocking statistics, so far this season Griffin has not completed a dunk, and even in this season all the players over 2.01 meters tall, and the number of shots is not less than 150 times, Griffin is the only one who has not dunked.


At the same time, the degradation of technology seems unable to make up for the decline of his physical function. Before the serious injury in 2019, Griffin has greatly improved his shooting performance, shooting 7.2 3 points every 36 minutes, and the 3-point shooting rate (36%) is higher than that of the Clippers. In recent two seasons, although Griffin still shot at least seven three-point shots every 36 minutes, his shooting rate was only 28%. According to statistics, Griffin’s hit rate is only the third from the bottom among the players who have made 200 three-point attempts.


The outside line is not sure, the inside line is not successful, this is Griffin this season. However, when Griffin was on the court, the piston’s performance was not as weak as Griffin’s technical statistics showed, which at least shows that Griffin is not a drag for a lotto team. But it also made the nets suspicious.


Can Griffin benefit from playing a new role?


Zac Lowe, a well-known basketball media player, visited the latest “Lowe post” podcast and said he believed Griffin could help the nets win the championship. He also mentioned that if Griffin is the fifth substitute in the net, he can show his advantage in sports ability. And this actually coincides with the role of Griffin.



This season, Griffin has limited time in the Pistons’ No. 5 position, with only 46 minutes in total, accounting for 7% of the total appearance time. However, the nets can place a large number of shooters around Griffin to create more space. In addition, Griffin can also participate in the so-called “reverse pick and roll.”. He is a pick and roll player with the ball and has a great pass. In the face of the small guard over, his low back singles is also enough threat, pick and roll efficiency is good. According to statistics, Griffin scored more than 75% of the league’s players in every 100 rounds when he started pick and roll with the ball.


But Griffin’s basket is questionable. This season for the pistons 626 minutes, Griffin only sent out 2 blocks. According to statistics, Griffin’s opponents hit 71% of the shots within 5 feet of the basket. Of the 232 players who defended at least 50 shots, Griffin’s defensive efficiency was one of the worst 25%.


In addition, because of having harden, the nets are increasingly inclined to take defensive strategies based on defense, but this is not suitable for the slow-moving Griffin. According to statistics, this season in defensive pick and roll, Griffin 28 defense changes, an average of 1.44 points for each player. Griffin’s performance is only in the top 10 of the bottom 10 of all the players who have changed their guard more than 20 times.


To be sure, Griffin may show signs of recovery by joining a championship team. Playing a relatively minor role here may make him bounce back from the bottom, or at least become a big threat in space. But in any case, Griffin’s real role in the net is still in doubt. He may not be able to become an excellent role player because of his injury.

By Ethan