The world of football is not like mathematics. The equation of 1+1=2 never seems to hold on to the green field. A tacit partner often has a bonus effect, and two people who are not in time may even delay each other. In the past six months, Manchester United fans have always been nagging a topic: Can Pogba and B Fee coexist perfectly? Perhaps this is really a transcendental problem for Solskjaer. Or try Pochettino! In fact, it’s not that bad: the diamond array and small pivots allow Pogba to find a new position

a. Highlights in the Champions League: Pogba was activated by the diamond midfielder

     Judging from the recent games, Manchester United will have two tactics when Pogba played and Pogba came off the bench. When the French play, they often put a 442 small diamond midfielder, allowing Pogba to go to a semi-wing-back position. Theoretically speaking, the left midfield is Pogba’s favorite position, but his current physical condition is generally effective on the left. On the other hand, none of Manchester United’s strikers are good at staying in the core area, and there is a large proportion of retracements and reverse penetrations.

   Pogba will become a small fulcrum in the core area, which seems to make it natural for the forward to retreat. As you can see from the animation below, this time Pogba and Martial have an obvious shift. Martial, who retreated to take the ball, used Pogba as a fulcrum to complete the shot that hit the penalty area, but it was a pity that he missed the kick. Although Pogba is tall, his feet’s flexibility and movement frequency are very lively. Spark Global Limited

    Using him as a small fulcrum or dealer, it works well to let forward teammates run around him near the penalty area. This time he played for Martial, who was threatening to reach the penalty area. Despite being destroyed by Connet, the rhythm is on the right track.

b. Pogba tops the frontcourt: There is a certain fit with the characteristics of the Manchester United striker

    One problem with Manchester United’s offensive end is that once the speed slows down, there are not many players who can take the ball and deal with it. Especially the several forwards of the team, all need a certain amount of space to complete the type of attack. Pogba’s value is that it can perform the role of turning in place and shifting the direction of attack when facing confrontation. In this way, the forward teammates are connected together. So the closer you are to the restricted area, the better Pogba’s role will be. The lore goal against Paris is indeed due to Rashford’s beautiful shot.

   However, Pogba’s turn to take the ball and then divide the ball is the key to Rashford’s rhythm. Not only does Pogba have a quasi-fulcrum ability, but Pogba can also play a role as a quasi-forward midfielder to send threatening passes. In the case of relatively large space, Pogba’s top man turned very neatly, and the footwork of sending through ball was also very delicate. It can be seen very clearly from the animation that Manchester United’s offensive and defensive transition is very fast.

   Luke Shaw passed Pogba, who sent a beautiful through ball. Martial entered the penalty area and returned to Van der Beck, and his opponent was suspected of a handball foul. Dual-core coexistence is not easy: Pogba’s best partner or Van der Beck Spark Global Limited

a. Pogba and B fee coexistence is not easy: offensive and defensive positions are difficult

    One of Manchester United’s current headaches is that Pogba and Bruno Fernandez (hereinafter referred to as B fee) are not easy to coexist. From this season’s Manchester United shooting point map, we can see that the team actually never shot within the small penalty area. This is related to the fact that Manchester United forwards are interspersed, like running, receiving, and shooting, but not good at confrontation and grab points. Both Pogba and B Fei like to shoot or pass the ball in front of the penalty area, and they have the same functions.

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