The coexistence of Pogba and B fee, if the top of the arc is only how to allocate resources, then there will be more problems in the middle circle. Pogba is not in good physical condition now, and once he gets caught up, he makes mistakes, and there will be more embarrassment. Why does Pogba say that France has a breath of fresh air? This point has a lot to do with the teammates’ response and co-production. Spark Global Limited

Griezmann seems to be inexperienced, but his ability to organize the team to advance and bring up the rhythm is excellent.Griezmann and Pogba’s partner, not only in the middle circle when advancing, but there is also a conflict in front of the arc of the penalty area, this is the difference between Griezmann and B Fee.

b. Pogba’s best partner or Van der Beek: How the Dutch get on top is the key

Judging from the current staffing, the teammate who can most activate Pogba may be the new Dutch aid Van der Beck. When Pogba partnered with Van der Beck, they could even reach the front line together and spread the two forwards on both sides. In this way, Manchester United’s advancement is to start from the side, relatively speaking, it is less difficult and faster. Pogba and Van der Beek can directly attack the penalty area (B fee does not have the ability of Van der Beck to make the ball and reverse the ball).

Of course, this kind of large-scale transposition and repeated switching of functions is somewhat super-class for Solskjaer. This coach’s tactical board, at least for the time being, can’t integrate so much content, so it’s empty at present. On the other hand, Van der Beek has a certain role as a temporary center, which also allows Pogba to get more direct attacks in the front of the penalty area. This time Van der Beck flew the header, Pogba’s long-range shot is an example, but the chances of their partners are too small, and Pogba is hardly able to have such a happy opportunity. Changing coaches is the best way to solve the problem? Pochettino, who is good at advancing, will give a better answer!

a. Pochettino replaced Suo Shuai: his biggest feature is the overall promotion of the organization

Manchester United currently has a choice, that is, Pochettino replaces Solskjaer to become the team coach. The general direction of this idea is excellent because Pochettino’s tactical characteristics are quite in line with Manchester United’s current team building needs. After Pochettino lost Kane that year, the tactical board that can still lead Tottenham to the Champions League final can be seen. The biggest feature of Tottenham at that time was the promotion and shift of the middle circle. Use Eriksson’s running ability to complete a lot of support and instigation.

He passed the ball in the ribs, allowing full-backs to make full use of the wing space and quickly pass the midfield. Afterward, Ali and striker teammates, even Eriksson himself, can directly threaten the goal. Will Eriksson and Ali feel a combination of B Fee and Pogba? Pogba’s running enthusiasm is not bad, if the team as a whole runs at a high speed, he can also play a greater role.

b. Regardless of whether he changes coaches or not: Pogba must first restore himself to his best state

Despite talking about so many objective issues, Pogba himself has flaws. The explosive power is not as good as in previous years, and the deviation of his physical state has greatly reduced his ability to perform movements in the game. He still can’t play the best effect in his favorite left midfield, which is also related to the physical restriction that he can’t really hit the core area. Even if he returned to the national team that made him feel particularly comfortable, the best Pogba could do in a confrontation was to fall to the ground and win a free-kick. Really need to use explosive power and flexibility to complete some difficult movements, which Pogba really cannot do at present.

Back to Manchester United, he can consider first to be as equal as possible with France in defensive data. It is Pogba’s first job to reward Manchester United for his long-term patience with a sense of responsibility for his country. Otherwise, even if Pochettino changes the coach, he may only regard B fee as the new core, and Pogba is still dispensable.

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