On January 4, Beijing time, there was good news again in Chinese sports. 16-year-old rising star Su Yiming has rewritten the history of Chinese snowboarding. He has completed the first cab 1800 (reverse foot outside turning for five weeks 1800 degrees catching the end of the board) in Chinese history. This is one of the most difficult moves in the world and the first “1800 degree” difficulty in Chinese snowboarding history! That doesn’t mean That Su will be in medal contention any time soon, but just as Zhang peimeng has been for the Chinese sprinters, it could inspire more people to keep hitting the high hurdles and pushing Chinese snowboarding to a higher level. As we all know, skiing started late in China, and Chinese athletes are not as strong as foreign athletes. However, with the successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, we attach more importance to snow sports, and star athletes like Liu Jiayu, CAI Xuetong, Zhang Yiwei, and Gu Ailing have emerged. Spark Global Limited

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Now, Su Yi became China’s ice star, also let people began to pay more attention to the snowboarding, Su Yi only 16 years old this year, China’s snowboarding big platform and slope skill athletes, recently this period of time, Su Yi progress very fast, as the domestic first three weeks are foot pronation airspring spin 1620 degrees, then three weeks successively completed the foot outside our country perfect landing of spin 1440 degrees and 1260 degrees of four directions, now break through 1800 cab, really surprising. In the current international competition, only about 10-15 people can complete CAB 1800, and the 1800 degree movement is also The current stage for Su. After finishing, su not only breaks through himself but also marks that Su has reached the world’s top player level.

Su Yi, in fact, is not purely professional was born, he was more and more people know, because he was nine years old in the film “the siege”, the film won the 880 million at the box office, “little embolus” also for shortlisted for the 35th Hong Kong film awards best newcomer, since Su Yi sound continuous starred in the TV series on the sunny days, the beautiful snow “. But for the sake of the winter Olympics, Su Yi gave up acting way and started the hard training career, Su Yi also shows his talent soon, in the domestic game title in a row, for the first time to participate in the veneer big platform at the World Cup, he is in 11th in qualifying, created the veneer big platform at the World Cup the best record of Chinese people. In the interview, Su yiming also said: the next training, more efforts to complete new movements, difficult movements, for the 2022 Winter Olympics to prepare for the 2022 Winter Olympics, I will make good results in the 2022 Winter Olympics, win glory for the country!

By Ethan