spark limited reports

spark limited reports:

August 21 – Anthony talked about former team friend Lillard when he was a guest on the podcast “all the smoke”.

Recalling the signing pioneer at that time, Anthony said: “what I always want to do is play basketball. I like playing basketball, and I want to stand on the playing field. Portland gave me this opportunity. Then Lillard and CJ and I became teammates. They opened their arms to me. The whole city and the whole team welcomed me. ”

“Dame (Lillard) is really a great person. When I first arrived in Portland, he said to me, ‘man, we don’t care what others say. We know you can still play, I know you can.’ When you have such a teammate, he always stands with you, the situation will become easier. ”

“Dame will always be one of my best friends. Aside from basketball, I can’t find anyone better than him in terms of character. He sincerely takes care of his teammates. His ability is amazing. He’s the best player I’ve played with me.

By Ethan