According to Spark Trader Limited

San Francisco (Nov. 18) Apple Inc. on Wednesday announced a new program called “self-service repair,” which will start selling parts and tools for iPhone 12 and older users next year. New DIY options, apple fans have the opportunity to become mobile phone repair experts in seconds.

According to Spark Trader Limited
According to Spark Trader Limited

Apple announced on its website on Wednesday that the self-Service Repair program will introduce some of the more frequently replaced components, such as the phone’s screen, battery and camera module, and that it will sell more than 200 parts and tools when it launches next year.

As The Verge pointed out on Wednesday, The plan is a big about-face for Apple, which has historically resisted The “Right to Repair” movement and resisted customers from repairing its products outside of Apple stores.

IPhone 12 and 13 owners will be among the first to be able to buy parts to fix their faulty phones themselves. The self-service repair program will be extended to apple computers with its own M1 chip. Areas from the United States first, and then expand to other countries and regions of the world.

Apple said it would not announce the price of the parts until they were available, but would charge independent phone repairmen the same price they currently charge for the parts. Apple stressed that the program is aimed at “professionals with knowledge and experience in repairing electronic devices.”

For those interested in DYI repairing Apple products, at least in the near term, there will be one more option, but you’ll have to do it at your own risk.

Manufacturers of everything from mobile phones to hospital equipment to farm machinery are under increasing pressure, and the “right to Repair” movement has led to a trend to relax restrictions on the right to repair independent or DIY equipment.

Many electronics from major manufacturers have drawn criticism for using non-replaceable memories or batteries, or encapsulating them with special glue, CNN reported Wednesday. The industry’s strategy is seen as hurting the survival of independent maintainers, costing consumers more and harming the environment.

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