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In the first round of the America’s Cup group stage, Argentina drew 1-1 with Chile. Messi scored a free kick in the first half, but Vargas equalized in the second half and the two sides shook hands and made a draw. In the past three games, Argentina has been tied with the lead, and will not play the tailwind. It has become the weakness of the Blue and Whites. How can they compete for the Copa America?

Messi’s sixth Copa America competition can be said to have been twists and turns. Before the game, Argentina gave up its host status, and the South American Football Federation moved the game to Brazil. Messi’s home court advantage disappeared.

However, there are only 10 teams participating in this America’s Cup, and 4 teams in each group advance. As long as they are not at the bottom of the group, they can enter the knockout round. In terms of Argentina’s strength, there is no need to worry about the group stage at all. The main purpose is to seize the time.

In the 31st minute, Lo Celso forced his opponent to foul at the front of the penalty zone and Argentina won a free kick in the front court. Messi’s swordsman, a signature full moon scimitar hangs straight into the dead corner, 1-0!

Messi scored 5 consecutive America’s Cup goals, also the national team’s 73rd goal in his career, including the 39th goal in the main match, able to surpass Batistuta. In addition, Messi has scored 744 goals in his career, ranking 4th in history, behind Ronaldo, Bikan and Pele.

However, the lead is often the most dangerous time for Argentina. Why do you say that? 10 days ago, Argentina was evened with a 1-0 lead and played 1-1 with Chile! Subsequently, Argentina led Colombia 2-0 in the opening 8 minutes, and was tied by the opponent again, 2-2!

In this campaign, Argentina repeated the same mistakes, returning from the second half, Chile suddenly accelerated. In the 53rd minute, Vargas was single-handedly saved, and Vidal fell into the penalty area after a supplementary shot. The referee personally watched VAR and determined that Taliafico had committed a foul and a penalty kick!


Vidal’s penalty was saved by Damian Martinez, and Vargas followed up with a header. The Argentine players collectively complained about the opponent’s handball first, and Messi led a group of teammates to ask for an explanation. As a result, after hearing the opinions of VAR, the referee found that Vargas had no handball and the goal was established, 1-1!

In the rest of the time, Argentina besieged the opponent, Messine cut a long shot and was saved, Tagliafico’s header was high. The data showed that Argentina shot 18-5 far ahead, Di Maria, Aguero and Joaquin Correa took turns attacking the goal, close to 10 minutes of stoppage time, still unable to score the second goal.

1-1, 2-2, 1-1! Argentina was tied for 3 consecutive games by its opponents under the lead. In addition to Messi, the four power forwards collectively misfired and harvested an embarrassing 3 consecutive draws.

Not being able to play downwind has become Argentina’s number one weakness, and it has become a nightmare to be tied every time when holding the advantage.

By Ethan