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spark limited reports:

Reported on August 24:

During the off-season this year, the Lakers made a number of signings, including signing back Trevor Ariza, a champion in 2009.

Although Ariza has been a role player since he entered the league, his feud with LeBron James, the core of the Lakers, began when he was a student.

At that time, LeBron was a high school student in the United States, and Ariza also emerged. They couldn’t see each other. Ariza even attacked LeBron, saying that he hyped too much and was no better than himself.

Ariza’s uncle even got involved, saying he couldn’t understand why LeBron got so much attention.

Also because of these grievances, the meeting between the two in 2003 received national attention and ESPN live broadcast. Ariza once mocked LeBron after dunking, but as a result, LeBron scored 52 points in that game, as many as Ariza’s team, completely dominated the stadium.

Later, they both entered the NBA, and their status was very different. Ariza’s attack on LeBron at that time was finally proved to be his wrong judgment. Gradually mature, Ariza no longer seems to question LeBron and once praised him. However, Ariza and LeBron still occasionally collide on the court. I don’t know if the two are teammates now. Can the gratitude and resentment of that year disappear.

By Ethan