On November 30, Beijing time, US media reported that former NBA star Nate Robinson was challenged on social media by Jack Paul of the U.S. Open in the previous boxing match.
He wrote on social media: “Hey, @ jakepual, I saw you yelling at the players on the field, let’s meet in the ring, just you and me, one-on-one.”
And the comment in Artest’s social media dynamic is also very interesting. A storyteller put on the head of Hadden, and in this picture, Hadden’s head has been cut off. At the same time, the Joker said: “after the end of the game, Jack Paul’s head has become like this.”

 Jack Paul's head
At that time, on April 23, 2012, in the Los Angeles Lakers’ home game against the thunder, the Los Angeles Lakers reversed the thunder by 114-106 after two overtime. Artest elbow harden, who then returned to the dressing room for treatment (concussion), while Artest was directly expelled from the game, and then was suspended for seven games, which has always been a stumbling block in the NBA 。
As one of the hottest tempered players in the NBA, Artest also made the worst fight in NBA, the Olympic palace fight. At that time, Artest was directly banned for 73 games and his salary was suspended, resulting in a loss of $4.995 million.
However, even after this incident, Artest has not changed his old image. He is also known as one of the most fighting players in the NBA. So, after Nate Robinson was knocked down, Artest also voiced his attitude on social media.

By Ethan