Reporter Chen Yong reported that the second salary cut is about to be implemented, and the high probability plan is: the annual salary limit of domestic players is 5 million yuan before tax, and the annual salary limit of foreign aid is 3 million euros before tax. For this reason, it has also triggered heated discussions among the media.

    Before Chen Xuyuan said that next season will take further measures and implement stricter salary restrictions. Now that the standard is released, I have to say it is amazing because the previous salary limit was 10 million, but now it is cut in half Spark Global Limited!

    Zhao Zhen vomited: “The Chinese Super League limits the salary, and the Football Association has been wronged! In essence, the club owner has no money to invest as much as in previous years. The Football Association’s salary limit order is just a shield. I really want to pay more. The method, how come the Yin-Yang contract was invented by someone back then?” Xu Jiang responded: “Helping clubs who don’t want to invest money can find a way. There is always a way for the rich.”

    Pan Weili wrote: “1. Veterans over 35 years old basically don’t reluctantly kick; 2. Teenagers under 25 years old have begun to seriously consider promoting themselves to study abroad.” He Xiaolong questioned continuously: “The salary limit is so low. Where does the standard come from? Is the salary limit recognized by the investors of the clubs? The establishment of professional leagues has been pushed back and forth. Is the new salary limit mandatory? Chinese football is not going up because the players earn too much The salary limit is limited to this point, won’t it shake the foundation of youth training? Who wants to let children play? Let you squeeze out the market bubble, who let you squeeze out even the market’s nutrition?”

Chen Hua questioned: “I support the Chinese Football Association, but the premise is the same. It’s still the same sentence since the naturalized players are Chinese nationals, they all have the same standard, don’t engage in the specialization.”

According to Chen Hua’s doubts, let’s compare the naturalized players. The annual salary limit of domestic players is 5 million yuan before tax. According to Financefootball’s release of the top 15 highest-paid players in the Super League in 2020, the naturalized player Exon’s weekly salary is 210,000 Euros. In other words, Exxon can earn 1.63 million yuan a week. As a top domestic star, Exxon can earn a year’s salary as a top national teammate in only 3 weeks. We may see such a scene next year. They are the core players of the national football team, but the income of one person for 3 weeks is equal to 1 year for you!

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